The Great Escape..1963

Director: John Sturges

Writers: Paul Brickhill (book), James Clavell

rohit SAYS,

A tunnel is dug for 250 war prisoners
76 make it out and
3 escape…
John Sturges-the director of the magnificent seven is back and he’s got the cast of a lifetime for his new epic adventure.

The movie opens with truck loads of prisoners being brought to a new and tough to breach WW2 German prison camp. Escape is the only and central theme of the film. A lot of individual escape attempts are made from the second they (the prisoners) set foot in the camp until Squadron leader Roger Bartlett played by Richard Attenborough comes in. Roger tells his fellowmen about the mass escape he has in mind. Meanwhile Capt.hilts played by Steve Mcqueen along with Ives (Angus Lennie) having plans of their own get thrown into the isolation camp quite often. However after the death of his escape mate Mcqueen accepts to help the mass attempt by providing them with the maps.

Three tunnels are dug so as to confuse the enemy and to have an insurance policy. Every character has its own prominence. Danny played by Charles Bronson is the tunnel digger and James Garner is the scrounger who gets all the papers, tools and equipment blackmailing his German counterpart Werner. The Garner-Werner episode is one you don’t want to miss.

Besides the edge of the seat escape drama there is a lot of humor which makes this adventure a really enjoyable one. The spectacular background scores given by Elmer Bernstein add to the amazing visual of the film which makes this escape comedy a real classic.

So if you are looking to have three hours of pure fun .. this should be your pick.

RATING   √√√√  –  Awesome


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