Director: Bhaskar

Writers: Bhaskar, Abdur Ravi

gautham SAYS,

A fun filled entertainer that’s for everyone, the film starring Siddharth and Genilia in the lead roles is a film that deals with the relationship of a son who wants to be unique and himself and an overpowering yet loving father.

Siddharth plays the character of Siddu who belives strongly the he alone should decide his career and whom to marry. His father played by Prakash Raj who feels whatever he does for his family is in their best interest and similarly he feels siddu should join his business and also arranges his marriage to a homely Telugu girl. It is after this that Siddu meets Hasini (Genilia) and falls in love with her, how they get together amidst all this forms the second half of the film.

Although the idea doesn’t seem so extra ordinary the screenplay is. The debutant Director Bhaskar has done a fantastic job narrating a film in a manner that is simple yet so interesting and keeps you involved in every scene in the movie. The Cinematography for this film is very apt. The songs have been shot well especially “appudo ippudo” which captures the essence of Hasini and their love

The music composed by Devi Sri Prasad delivers, especially the BGM. Infact the greatest strength of this movie is that each department delivers exactly what the film requires. Choreography requires special mention for the song Bommonu Geesthe. As far as the acting is concerned the most memorable performance from Genilia beyond doubt, her bubbliness and energy is very visible on film. Siddharth, Prakash Raj and the rest pull of a top notch performances.

The scriptwriters capacity to write proper characterizations has paid off well. Bhramanandam’s cameo as a bank officer is impressive and tickles everybody’s funny bones as usual.

The movie is worth every penny and entertains thoroughly, there is nothing much more to say

So go for it.



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