A Wednesday..2008

Director: Neeraj Pandey

rohit SAYS,

It’s not a difficult task to make out the difference between a movie which is trying to be different and a movie which is differently outstanding. ‘A Wednesday’ is of the latter genre.

The basic theme of the movie is one we have seen many times- terrorism. But, what makes this movie stand out is the otherness given to it by an amazingly well scripted anonymous character played by Nasseruddin Shah. The curtain raises with the ex commissioner of police Prakash Rathod telling us about his most interesting case which does not have any police records. “That bastard had the guts to just walk into our lives and blew it apart. It was a Wednesday”..

Accelerated tempo which never goes down and this movie are as good as synonyms. Jimmy Shregill playing ATS officer Arif Khan runs away with the best performance in the film if not for the final few minutes between Kher and Shah. Jimmy plays an angry cop and is Prakash Rathod’s best man in the set. Another important character (Jai Pratap Singh) of a married and gutsy cop is played by Aamir Bashar. The only female part is that of television news reporter played by Deepal Shaw.

It’s one such movie where every actor suits their role and does exactly what is required of them. Besides the quick screenplay with Shah’s phone calls and the other character establishments in the movie, a special mention about the editing by Narayan Singh should be made. However, a few ordinary scenes could have been avoided. The background score for a movie of such quick pace could have been tuned more effectively.

Don’t interact with anyone who has already seen the movie, so that you can really enjoy the final twist in the tale.

‘A Wednesday’ is swift, engaging and a movie to be seen with a huge bag of warm popcorn.. Don’t hold back, get engaged.

RATING √√√1/2 – flying pace


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