Writer Director: Mohana Krishna Indanganti

rohit SAYS,

We often see how hard the directors work on their initial projects. Every single scene is written and re-written a number of times before what is actually put up on the silver canvas. Well, Ashta-chamma is almost such a movie.

Lavanya’s (colors Swathi) obsession for Mahesh Babu is what sets the movie sailing. The film opens with Mahesh Babu getting married and skirts all over Andhra Pradesh grieving about the issue. However, the script gets the real bulge with Lavanya resolving to marry ,but, only a Mahesh. Here enters the movie’s real livewire and Lavanya’s neighbor Anand played by Srinivas Avasarala. He promises Lavanya to help her find her Mahesh.

On the look out for a Mahesh Anand meets Mahesh babu played by a really appealing Telugu faced Nani. Both of ‘em get together very well and after a week’s trail Anand introduces Mahesh to his neighbor. Lavanya and Mahesh like each other instantly and fall in love with a melodious song in the background.

Once Lavanya unveils that she likes Mahesh for his name and shows the Mahesh tattoo on her arm, the tale takes a whole new spin. A drunken Mahesh reveals his real name (Ram babu) and his real premise. This part of the story is very exquisitely adapted from Oscar Wilde’s play- ‘The importance of being earnest’. The remainder of the movie goes on about how they get together and the love story of Anand and Ram Babu’s sister (Bhargavi).

The robust parts of the movie are the strong comic episodes and the very well placed songs which keep you enthralled till the last minute. Anand’s narration had also been a very well thought off jest. The screenplay goes about smoothly except for a few yanks at the end. However, the film had a few clichés which could have been avoided and the magical dialogue brush should have worked a little firmly through the last hour of the film.

If you are looking for a relaxed, enjoyable and lovable new age Telugu comedy, wait no more.



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