bachna ae haseeno..2008

Writer Director: Siddarth Anand

rohit SAYS,

3 girls and a guy, a known kind at least to the Indian audience.

Girl 1: Mahi (Minnisha Lamba)…a girl on whom the influence of DDLJ is a bit too much. So, as anticipated is on the look out for her Raj.
Girl 2: Radhika (Bipasha)…a small town girl aspiring to be a heroine. View on relationships-not what it seems.
Girl 3: Gayathri (Deepika)…b-school in the mornings and taxi driver at night. Totally against marriage.

The story of the movie moves through three phases of Raj’s life from the time he’s 18 and then on. An episode in Switzerland, a job in Mumbai and a promotion which takes him to Sydney.

‘Before and after’ portrayal of the principal characters had been done in a skillful manner. Especially the way Raj feels about his previous affairs and how he craves for their forgiveness which comes out when he gets ruled out by the girl he actually falls in love with. Technically the most polished part of the movie would be the screenplay which glides easily in and out of each installment. However, the second half where the girls face their second Raj episodes shifts to a lower gear with a lot of emotional drags.

It is certainly a flick where one doesn’t get annoyed with the songs not only for the honey tunes, but, for the slight deviation offered in the filming of the songs. The Punjabi song in the second half of the film is where this observation can be made.

Another major asset to the film is Ranbir Kapoor who besides suiting the role very well, can act unlike most of today’s protagonists.
Bachna ae Haseeno is not a film which can be called for again and again, but, for a one time a watch- a sure shot.

Rating √√1/2-watchable


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