The Namesake..2006

Director: Mira Nair

Writers: Jhumpa Lahiri (novel) & Sonni Taraporevala

rohit SAYS,

A movie which is trying to narrate the stories of two generations needs an expert screenplay, without which it can easily become a bore.

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the movie gets rolling with

Ashoke’s (Irrfan Khan) train accident-Ashima (Tabu) & Ashoke getting married-one cut shift to the US-a very well made scene of intimacy-a baby boy named Gogol (Ashoke’s favorite writer) is bornmovie cruises into the story of Gogol/Nikhil played by Kal Penn.

Gogol’s choice for his master’s degree hangs in the balance when a trip to India is made by the family which now includes the 2nd born Sonia. One scene which stays back with you after the movie for certain is Gogol deciding to take up architecture after visiting the Taj Mahal. Gogol changes his name back to his proposed name of Nikhil.

Then we have two of Gogol’s relations Maxine and his wife Moushumi and his sister Sonia’s marriage to an American. Other panoramas to look up to are Moushumi’s transition and also the thought change and acceptance of merging cultures by Ashima.

The death of Ashoke, Gogol’s marital break up, he beginning to comprehend his name and Ashima’s return to India ends the movie. Even if my review seems plain, trust me the movie is one you can’t afford to miss.

One thing I personally enjoyed in the movie is the cinematography which is a delight to the eyes.

For me it is one of Mira Nair’s best and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

RATING āˆšāˆšāˆš – Go FOR IT


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