Director: Satish Kaushik

sai SAYS,

Just when you thought Bollywood has finally come off age,some one makes a truly horrendous movie as if to prove a point. KARZ belongs to that category.

The basic storyline is same to the 1970’s original.Itz about reincarnation and stuff you don’t care about. Ravi Varma (Dino Morea) is the heir of estates and huge property abroad. He falls in love with Kamini (Urmila Matondkar). Kamini kills Ravi Varma after marriage and she gets all his property. 25 years later, Monty (Himesh Reshammiya) – a young rock star – realizes that he had been reincarnated and remembers that he is Ravi Varma in his past life. The rest of the story is all about how he gets back to his family (sister and mother) and takes revenge on aging Kamini.pheww…

Well,i went to this movie with about 10 of my friends to have a blast,that’s exactly what we did.
We were clutching our sides for most of the movie.well,only for it’s unintended humor.
There’s a song called ‘TANDOORI NIGHTS’ to which himesh dances(LEGENDARY!),
“Best” part of the movie!!..Himesh is known as ROCKSTAR Monty in the movie.
Well,this movie has all the cliches bollywood has produced since the last 100 years
an aging mom who’s pining for her son,a poor sister,a dumb heroine,a kiss ass friend blah blah!

Now, lets Talk about something which is not even distantly related to this movie-acting.First up- Himesh can’t act nor dance and please stop making cute faces in the movies!!(this was the main source of ‘humour’ in the movie).Debutant shwetha kumar is pretty ordinary,she doesnt have much to do..Urmila is pretty alright as the aging villian.(god,how much botox did you take,,gal??)

Himesh, you had your fun with aap ka suroor,it was an one-off movie,please quit acting and do what you do best,music..and dude tone down on the attitude too(in the credits for singers it written as himesh and others wtf??)

Go watch the movie if you love making fun of the movies in the theatres,but take a lot of people with you,but if you really want to watch a good movie stay away from this one.

RATING:0- yuck


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trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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