Kotha Bangaru Lokam..2008

Writer Director: Srikanth Addala

rohit SAYS,

When was the last time you’ve picked out a film because a particular production house made it. Well, here’s one house you can put your money on.

The story of teenagers in 11th and 12th standards is an untapped territory in spite of being a very integral part of the Andhra people now. Debutant director Srikanth exploits this well about fully. The movie wheels out with a few philosophical lines about mom-son relationship.

One such movie where the initial few scenes don’t seem all that engaging, but, the humor slowly takes you in. Varun (playing Balu) from the recent college comedy-‘Happy Days’ plays the son of the caring parents Jayasudha and Prakash Raj. Debutant Shwetha (playing Swapna) is the female lead. She is from a stereotypical Telugu family and is ready to break free of parental control.

Balu and Swapna meet for the first time in the college premises and after a few awkward moments, they go on a date where they fall in love. The circumstances lead to their partition and Swapna ends up in a house arrest. The remainder of the film is about what they decide to do and how they come together with a bit of a twist in the end.

The humor in the movie is greatly enjoyable with Brahmanandam, Ahuthi Prasad (Swapna’s dad), class room incidents and a lot of other scenes in the 2nd half contributing to it. The low production values in some of the scenes have pulled down the movie a chip but recovered well every time.

The casting of Prakash Raj and Ahuthi Prasad is where the director had hit the bull’s eye. One other add on to the movie is the college characters (including the leads) looking very natural and lifelike. Songs – a couple of them were breezy but the montage and the rest of the soundtrack needed some brushing.

I don’t mind watching the movie with my friends, family or even alone. It’s a pleasant comic flick.



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3 Responses to Kotha Bangaru Lokam..2008

  1. iamharish says:

    who said songs didnt go wel…count the no. of people with nenani nevani ringtone,caller tune or just see the youtube ratings of those songs’ videos. one can easily find out its a huge hit. by the way, its songs tat drove me to movie

  2. pRaNaV says:

    hey c’mmon harrish….RO-HIT ‘s rite….the songs…criously SUCK!!!

  3. daskino says:

    a couple of songs were good…but the montage was cliched

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