Director: Timur Bekmembatov

Cinematographer:Mitchell Amundsen

rohit SAYS,

Special effects-oh yaa!!!….CGIs (computer generated images) of such high end proportions are definitely fun.

Its certainly not a movie one can enjoy with a sane mind or should I say not for someone who is not ready for mindless fun. Not only the visual of the film, but, also the story, conversations,music etc etc are enjoyable. In spite of being a regular comic book script, its superb fun because of what- like I’ve mentioned before-CGI.

The story starts with Wesley Gibson played by James Mcavoy narrating about his boring life, cheating girlfriend and the discomfort of being a regular guy. One day while buying pills for his panic attacks suddenly meets Fox (a fully tattooed Angelina Jolie) and the super kick to action in the movie is given with an amazing car chase.

Later he’s taken to the fraternity (of assassins) and told who he is (usual super hero movie stuff), who his father was and the reason for his father’s murder. He’s told that he’s one of the chosen few who can react to things at a MUCH quicker pace than others. The training for him to become a super assassin begins. And after his first few assignments decides to avenge his father’s death. The rest of the movie is about the twists and turns in the story about who his real father was and why Sloan (Morgan Freeman)-the head of the fraternity did what he had to do.

Parabolic bullets, speed cars and peanut butter loving rats are the major add ons to the film. The first car sequence and the first few assignments of Gibson really stay back in your mind.

Watch it like a child and you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.



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trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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2 Responses to Wanted..2008

  1. pRaNaV says:

    complicated story…..difficult to write a review…..still u did a gr8 job!!…

  2. Kiran says:

    I believe they were rats not toads haha. Very nicely summarized but I don’t think this movie deserves any kind of praise and there is only one reason to watch it…the fully tatted Angelina Jolie!

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