Lions for Lambs..2007

Director :Robert Redford

rohit SAYS,

We come across films now and then which are not as bad as the initial reviews or the mouth word say. But, the effect of these initial checks is so much that the movie falls out without even being given a try. LFL is the one such perfect example.

The main plot of the movie is three folded-a conversation between Prof. Stephen Malley (Robert Redford) and a student by the name Todd(Andrew Garfield)…an interview taken by news reporter-Janine Roth (Meryl Streep) of a US senator-Jasper Irving (Tom Cruise)…and the battle episode in Afghanistan involving Arian (Derek Luke) and Ernest (Michael Pena).

Prof. Malley’s episode involves him trying to orient Todd to make better use of his time and his intelligence. The Prof does this out of regression for the wrong kind of effect brought onto Arian and Ernest previously. The Malley-Arain-Ernest table talk and the seminar given by Arian and Ernest are some of the best scenes I’ve come across in recent times (watch out for the time when they try to explain what a greater depression would mean).

The Senator Interview of the film is also very engrossing and believe me it’ll make you think about the whole war thing in Afghanistan and how desperate the Republican Party is to get the people’s support for the next election . Cruise and Meryl Streep deliver what i would reckon as one of their best performance.

The only weak link in the movie being the battle chapter, because one doesn’t like being put in a action sequence in the midst of wonderful conversations. One of the final scenes in the movie when Todd is watching TV and finds some actor’s life as the main news and the news of a new military strategy as a scrolling clearly gives out the American way of thought upon major issues.

However, I feel that this a movie snubbed out because of the first out comments and deserves more respect. Watch it and you’ll have a similar opinion.

RATING √√√1/2 -do give it a try


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