Keka … 2008

Cinematography: P.C.Sriram
Story, screenplay, dialogues, producer and director : Teja

rhl SAYS,

Writing the first post ever is kinda interesting, challenging and totally confusing. I tried reading other posts and learn some basic formatting, to begin with I was pretty confident, but as I read more I got more intimidated. Logging on and off seven times and the habit of staying up late left me with no choice but to write. The first sentence was the toughest, reconsidered it 83 times and after finishing a 50 word long one thought it was kinda “The Hindu” – style, lacks originality so delete. Now how about putting points as bullets then phrase them into a couple of paragraphs. So, no more typing use the pencil. Scrapped 3 white sheets so someone like me writing is never environment friendly, MS Word seemed like a good option. Yes, it is! I can see the whole page, the formatting is easy and no waste of paper.

Establishing a new style – rhl’s very own, that’s the only job left. Once I figure out the style the words will come flowing. My posts will be funny, ruthless and entertaining – kinda difficult to achieve but hey this is rhl.

Keep reading daskino and rhl is gonna rock it here. Beware you amateur kids writing here soon I’m gonna be the face of the blogging world.

Reviewed by rhl.

Oh! About the movie “Keka” – naaaaaa…… not worth a comment, but if you happen to find a pirated torrent release or a link to download for free – please ask people not to dld.

Teja totally screwed the careers of 38 aspirants.

Rating: 0 worth nothing not even that runaway


About daskino

trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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3 Responses to Keka … 2008

  1. seetha says:

    Kaivvu Keka!!! is the reaction of all the viewers of the film in unison !!!

  2. Kiran says:

    HA I love how rhl talks more about himself than the movie! TY RHL!

  3. daskino says:

    ahem.. in the next post rhl will funny, ruthless and entertaining(ly) talk about ” I’m gonna be the face of the blogging world ” and the no. of times he tried to pronounce DASKINO.. and never made it. de last two lines are dedicated to the anti piracy.. but nothing about the movie… davyd

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