Spy Game..2001

Director: Tony Scott

Writers: Michael Frost Beckner , David Arata

rohit SAYS,

One of those very engaging action movies with a complex storyline. The ‘Bourne series’ is what it looks and goes about like if ur looking for a clue.

Tom Bishop’s (Brad Pitt) attempt to rescue his girl (Elizabeth played by Catherine McCormack) from a Chinese prison and failing and getting caught is how the movie sets about. Nathan Muir (Robert Redford) gets briefed about the issue and how he plans to rescue the boy scout he had trained and brought into the business is what keeps the movie hustling.

Muir’s last day of work at the CIA is when all this transpires. Now the question is whether the American Govt accepts Bishop as one of theirs and prevents his assassination or otherwise. The agency is not ready to admit because Bishop’s rescue attempt was done without any official knowledge-at his own discretion.

Let me not give away the rest of the story or how Muir goes about rescuing his man. The shifts in the movie from the CIA meetings to the Muir-Bishop flashback sections are done with expertise and every portion is very exciting, especially the training of Bishop.

To keep the audience stuck to their seats with nothing but the main plot is what only a very skilled director can do and Tony Scott does it with quality. The cat and mouse between Muir and the CIA officers, pleasant camera work and a story which takes you from China 2 the US 2 Lebanon and so on are worth an experience.

The end scene where Muir walks out leaving all his colleagues in a fix about which wife and which dinner he’s talking about will surely fetch a grin to ur face.

If one is in the mood for a seriously captivating spy movie…Spy Game it is then..

RATING √√√1/2-must watch for action lovers


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