Director: Joel Coen

Writers : Joel and Ethan Coen

rohit SAYS,

What would an Oscar for a screenplay mean? Well, out of the many answers one can arrive at, Fargo should be one of the answers.

The Coen brothers style of movies is something you have or don’t. Its one fo those things that comes to people naturally. It is a tough act to comment on something that’s already been given an Oscar. As in, the highest praise had already been given. But, the panorama of this film is worth more than just an award. Its what one would call ‘larger than life’.

The plot is pretty simple- a man married to a rich wife (Jerry Ludegaard played by William Macy) and does not have the access to her money entertains a bold or rather a stupid idea of kidnapping her using professionals (Carl and Gaear) and splitting the ransom. What happens after the abduction and how the kidnapers end up killing a few people is one side of the story.

The other side of the feature is the enquiry by Marge played by Frances McDormand in her Oscar winning performance. The simplicity given to a movie of kills is without doubt what amazes the viewer. The way the screenplay (God, I can’t stop using that word) makes you forget one part of the movie while Ur with the other is truly spectacular. Steve Buscemi playing one of the kidnapers is a real add on to the film.

The scene where Marge tries to get some info about the killers from the 2 girls in the bar is one of my personal picks (it hardly lasts for a minute).

This movie of frustrated gun shots is a must watch.

RATING  – √√√√ – simply amazing


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