The Big Lebowski..1998

Writers and Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen

Music: Carter Burwell

rohit SAYS,

Why would a small time guy like me open a movie review blog when there are millions of those already? Well, one of the key reasons is I want people to know about a FEW amazing movies which they might have missed out on.

One of those would certainly be ‘The Big Lebowski’. This movie is not like anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s not some high end drama, action or anything else…its all about ‘THE DUDE’.

The movie starts bowlin out with a Texan narrating the story of The Dude (or Jeffrey Lebowski played by Jeff Bridges). Dude goes home from a super market and there he’s gets beaten up by thugs of Jackie Treehorn (porn movie producer) because they think he’s the other Lebowski (millionaire) whose wife hadn’t paid back the money. The Dude upon taking Walter’s-his dear buddy (John Goodman) advice goes to the rich legless Lebowski’s house to ask for a new rug because the thugs have urinated on his rug last night.

In conversation the rich Lebowski realizes that The Dude is a useless piece of scum and this gets him the idea of using the Dude to handle the exchange of his wife’s (Bunny-Tara Reid) kidnap which happens the next day. Why is that? Well, that’s the whole tangle in the plot-how the rich Lebowski doesn’t have any access to money, rich Lebowski’s daughter-Maude’s conception with The Dude, Treehorn’s track of the film, the Dude’s dreams and on.

The screenplay is what one would consider as insanely sweet or good messed up stuff. The Texan narrative is sweet and the best part is the Texan actually comes out of nowhere into the movie.

Falling in love with the Dude is happening for sure if ur watching this movie. John Goodman played Walter is what brings in the whole confusion and fun into the film. The soundtracks in the movie needs special mention, in particular-the Spanish version of ‘Hotel California’ used in one of the bowling alley scenes. The scene where Danny (another bowling buddy) played by Steve Buscemi dies is a scene blurry emotions. A masterful stroke by Joel Coen.

Conversations and dialogue in the film are the perfect Coen Bro thing and they’ve got it exactly like how they’ve wanted it unlike some other movies of theirs (Raising Arizona for instance) where it got all messed up.

One needs to be in the mood to watch movies of a definite sort and then there is the Lebowski kind which gets u into the mood.

RATING √√√√-insane yet brilliant


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