Writer Director: Madhur Bhandarkar

rohit SAYS,

What would Page 3 look like at the next level, well, more or less like this. The drugs, the relationships and the highly ambitious.

Madhur Bhandarkar continues his saga of exploring the hidden side of another glamorous world with his latest and his most expensive movie.

Talking through the movie..

Meghna Mathur (Priyanaka Chopra)- a small town girl dreams of being a super model. Comes to Bombay against her parent’s will and makes a lot strange acquaintances which in course of time begin to make sense. Then we have Shonali played by Kangana Ranaut-THE supermodel and the face of ‘Panache’, a big time fashion company owned by Abhijit Saran (Arbaaz Khan).

The plot mainly revolves around  Meghna’s rise to stardome, relations -Manav (Arjan Bajawa) and Abhijit and her fall, Shonali’s addiction to drugs, fashion designers and other characters of the glitzy world.

As far as the performances are concerned Priyanaka gave in her best to date but, somehow one might feel it could have been better. Kangana steals the show in the first half of the movie with amazing ramp walks and an attitude which so rightly suits her. However, her portion with her boyfriend again could’ve been better. Ashwin Mushran (Rohit) playing a gay designer and the Chak de girl- a small scale manager gives the movie its most earnest performances. Casting of Arbaaz khan was not a wise choice so to say.

Do watch out for the scene where Priyanka looks at the mirror and doesn’t find herself anymore-the sum total of what Bhandarkar is trying to pass on.

The screenplay of the movie sails pretty freely in the first half and gets kind of dragging in the second with Meghna’s descent. One also might get the feeling of too many fashion shows in the second installment. The story does have the unpredictability factor but somehow does not sell as much as Page 3.

The Salim-Sulaiman scores create the right mood the movie requires. Especially working as an additive to the lifelessness of ramp walks. The cameos by Konkana Sen, Ranvir Shorey and Madhur himself were well thought off.

One thing’s for sure, Madhur creates an aversion to yet another glamorous field. However, the movie fails to deliver anything which is not already known to the audience through the promos and the director’s earlier films.

RATING √√√-not Madhur’s best, yet a must watch


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2 Responses to Fashion..2008

  1. anoora says:

    it was a good review to start with.i ll start with the movie title “fashion” the movie fails to justify its title because there is nothing abt the designers abt the the clothing fashion. the roles have been performed by ease and were simply awesome.
    madhur always deals with gay relationships,drugs, but only the back drop changes. this time it is fashion. it should be more aptly titled as model or say “super models”.this movie scores points heavily on its music. the best part of the movie is that it always kicks back with interesting scenes when the movie is getting tooooo boring.

  2. Ally.. says:

    madhur’s a rascist n so r u..
    friendship over..

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