Dhaam Dhoom..2008

Direction and Cinematography by Jeeva and P C Sreeram

rohit SAYS,

There are certain reasons why people belong where they belong. Unless one stays in their rightful place a venture like a movie where teamwork is very essential can go terribly wrong.

By now you should have put the pieces together about the cinematographer turned director-Jeeva and his last movie. Although it’s a sad thing to lose a technician like him one can’t deny the fact that he’s awful at direction.

I was looking forward to this movie after all the amazing promos and posters which only an ace cinematographer can create. However, the movie’s script and screenplay are so clichéd that half way through the first half u’ll lose all interest in the film.

A story which travels from a remote village to foreign countries is an idea worked upon a million times over & over & over again. Gautham Subramaniam played by ‘I CAN’T ACT‘ Ravi is a doctor by profession who falls in love with a tank town girl (Shenbha-Kangana Ranaut) and gets engaged under ultra clichéd circumstances. Then Gautham gets a chance to represent India in a doctor’s conference in Russia which’ll let him come back just in time for the marriage.

He leaves to Russia and the events there lead to him and the daughter of a Russian police commissioner ending up in the same room. Time for another cliché-kill the girl under mysterious circumstances and drive the protagonist into the mystery. Now we have Laxmi Rai playing Aarti-a Indo Russian lawyer dealing Gautham’s case and Raghavan Nambiar played by Jeyaram-an official in the Indian Embassy. The remainder of the movie is Gautham decoding his own case being on the run constantly and getting through to the actual culprit.

Why would one try to do a Bourne Ultimatum with Jeyam Ravi instead of Matt Damon and action sequences Indian budgets can’t afford.

In the end the only thing that saves the movie are Jeyaram, the music, the Russian visual and of course the dandy perfomances of the female leads which are much much better than that of the male lead.

If u ask me, you might just make it through the movie.

RATING √√-cliche cliche and more cliches


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trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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3 Responses to Dhaam Dhoom..2008

  1. hassan says:

    ya dude your review about the film is exactly correct

  2. daskino says:

    nice dude 4 the first tamil movie review

  3. abhinadan says:

    dude nice one man its quite different type of a critic

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