Writer Director: Parasuram

rohit SAYS,

Half baked scripts, sorry screenplays, incomplete scenes are some of the many epidemics worrying small films especially in the Telugu film industry. Yuvatha- a classic example of that.

Fine you have a script with some massive twists and turns, but, you need to take good care of the rest of the scenes which don’t involve the mainline story of the film.

The casual conversations, the way you establish your characters and their backcloths can be done with much elegance. Is it so difficult to come up with new kind of scenes to show how people hang out, how the relationships bud etc. and the songs? Good heavens how hard could it be to shoot songs that look good with new kind of locations and moves.

Babu (Nikhil) is a village dude who comes to Hyderabad after a fight with his uncle. And I don’t even wanna talk about the reason for the fight. In the city he lives with three of his friends having their own movie, America and other ambitions u’ve already seen in a zillion movies before. Then a telephone incident leads to him meeting a girl who eventually becomes his girlfriend. And every time he does something to impress the girl u’ll either feel bad for Telugu cinema or have a good laugh out of it.

Then, that and this of the movie directs the film towards one his friends getting hit on the head and an operation requiring 5 lakh rupees. Under desperate conditions the Yuvatha (youth) of the movie attempt to rob an a.t.m. money provider firm and to their shock discover that the place had already been robbed. Babu and his mate end up in prison.

The enjoyable part of the movie is the prison episode with the Shinde-Simran chapter giving the audience a few good laughs. Towards the end, the story links up with that of a big criminal and other characters of the local mobs.  The last 20 odd minutes of the movie is pretty quick and watchable. Even though the movie has a lot of enjoyable gags it suffers from all the elements of a bad wannabe movie. The item song in prison is beyond vulgar and the costumes in almost all the songs makes you think:

What’s wrong with these guys???

My opinion-avoid the movie.

RATING √-dont let the posters fool you


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