Director: Steve Pink

Writers: Adam cooper, Bill Collage, Mark Perez

rohit SAYS,

One such movie which is not as popular as other movies of the same genre for reasons unknown. Rejection and the desperation that arises out of it are the wheels for the script cart of this film.

Lets get to the story- Bartleby Gaines called ‘B’ in the movie is played by my favorite teen actor of Hollywood- Justin Long. The movie opens with the last few days of high school and everybody making it or screwing it with the colleges they’ve applied to. B’s friend Sherman played by Jonah Hill keeps the other side of the film moving. Sherman makes it to a prestigious college-Harmon institute of technology and needs to take care of his family legacy.

B gets rejected by all the 7 colleges he had applied to and just to have a look at what an acceptance letter would look like makes his own. This pops an idea into his head and asks Sherman to make a website for South Harmon Institute Of Technology (SHIT) just to make his parents happy. However the website and his father deciding to drop him off at college takes the issue a bit too far and B ends up creating something that looks like a college out of an abandoned mental health facility.

The plot goes go-ga-ga with a lot of people turning up to join the college because the website unfortunately is fully operational with a caption:

Acceptance is just a click away…the option is clickable.

The other characters of this very engaging college comedy are the dean of SHIT, weird pupil of SHIT and the usual studs of a teen movie gradually losing their girls and importance.

‘Accepted’ doesn’t fully dedicate itself to girls and sex like the other teen movies and is filled with engrossing and witty scenes which wont bore you even on the 3rd or 4th watch…believe me!!

The dialogues through the movie and of course the final court scene are not something totally new yet splendid. The soundtracks of the movie greatly suit the film and make the whole movie seem like one floating comic opera.

rating-√√√1/2-u might have missed it, but, watch it now


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One Response to Accepted..2006

  1. pRaNaV says:

    acepted!!….nice review….and the movie gave the definition of AWESOMENESS!!!

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