Dead Poets Society..1989

Director: Peter Weir

Writer: Ton Schulman

rohit SAYS,

A movie about which I want to tell everybody and anybody I meet. It is one such movie which’ll make you want to watch more of such movies or deepen your love for cinema. If I were to make a list greatest movies ever made, this film is definitely making it there.

When I’m writing the review for this film I’ve seen the movie about a year ago and still I remember almost every minute detail of this amazing flick. Without further boring you with my love for this film, let’s get to the plot

The film gets going with the beginning of a new semester at the Welton Academy and the Headmaster’s speech about the tradition of the age old academy. The tale mainly involves 7 teenagers and the truly amazing John Keating played by Robin Williams (Oh Captain! My Captain!) .

Of the ‘7’,

one wants pursue a career in theater against his father’s will,

one wants to get the girl he loves at any cost,

one is the daredevil who doesn’t give a damn about the rules,

one- ‘a’ we should do what the school expects of us and the others with their own superbly composed characterizations.

The most capturing scenes of the film are without doubt the classroom episodes with Keating’s unconventional ways of teaching.

Once the boys get an old college year book and find Keating’s picture in the list of old students. Other than most of Keating’s achievements given in the book, the boys find that he was the President of the ‘The Dead Poets Society’. When the 7 ask him (Keating) what it is- He tells them that a group of students who used to go to the old cave of the campus and read and explore the deep mystery of poetry.

Inspired by Keating the ‘7’ led by Neil Perry (theater guy) re-forms the Dead Poets Society. The rest of the film goes about how their inspirations from these late night poetry sessions and Keating’s view of life changes their way of thought.

Screenplay, music, direction, characterization,visual, dialogue, acting…anything. You name it and you have it… and only the best, mind you. No wonder this movie has been a source of inspiration for a number of Indian movies including the recent blockbuster ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

If you are a regular movie watcher missing such a movie will be a deadly sin. Do do do watch it and if you can hold yourself from watching the movie again as soon as it’s over, let me know!!

RATING – √√√√- uff !! spectacular


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  1. Ally.. says:

    in my top 5 list…

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