Hazzoron Khwaishein Aisi..2003

Director: Sudhir Mishra

Writers: Sudhir Mishra, Shiv Kumar, Ruchi Narain

rohit SAYS,

What makes a good film?

Big stars, reputed directors, large budgets…

Na, all you need is a crew with passion and belief in the project.

We catch up with a few movies only years after it’s release and wonder why you haven’t heard of the movie previously. One finds some of the greatest films made are of small budgets and very original. These films usually have a lot of commercial and critical success, at least critical in this case.

Hazzoron Khwaishein Aisi has one of the most engaging first 30 minutes with scenes from the Delhi campus and a well written narrative. Set in the period of the mid 70’s, this film narrates the tales of 3 individuals

Siddarth played by Kay Kay Menon, the son of a rich judge and waiting for a chance to change the world.

Chitrangada Singh playing Geeta Rao is the heartthrob of the Delhi University who shares Siddarth’s ideas of social justice.

Shiny Ahuja playing Vikram in his debut film is a guy bothered about only two things – success and Geeta.

The emergency of 1975 and the birth of naxalism set the backdrop of the film. Siddarth and his group of doping radicals think they should join the naxal groups and fight the injustice in Bihar. However, everyone but Siddarth drops out and Siddarth ends up going to Bihar alone. On the other hand Vikram enjoys a lot of success in his business and meets a married Geeta in a party.

The plot leads to the meeting of all the lead characters in Bihar and how the story goes about with Geeta shattered between her husband, Vikram and Siddarth. Yashpal Sharma playing a youth congress leader is an other interesting character of this drama of love and politics.

However the script has the shortcoming of going about in circles in the second half, but, is saved by the dramatic ending.

Anybody into movies or politics would rate this as a good 3 out of 5.

Rating- n/a – a must watch


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