Rab Ne Bana De Jodi..2008

Directed, produced and written by Aditya Chopra

rohit SAYS,

To begin with, the movie is stupid, boring, stupid, clichéd and stupid. Fine Mr. Chopra you had your hits in the past, but, the Indian movies are not the same as they were in the 90’s.

Chak De India, Om Shanti Om and to follow SRK gives us this trash…come on. As the biggest star of Hindi cinema I think he needs to be more concerned about taking Indian cinema to the next level than just making the same old boring non sense and loot the audience money selling the film purely on reputations.

As much as I hate to do this, I have to tell you guys about the story…

The movie opens with Taani’s (Anushka Sharma) marriage and her groom dying in a bus accident on his way…hah!! originality people! Then Taani’s father asks Surinder (Shahrukh) who’s an ex-student of Taani’s father to marry her. They get married and move to Surinder’s place in Amritsar. Surinder being a regular middle class shy guy lives in a separate room and doesn’t want to rush into things with his new wife as she’s still recovering from the terrible Hindi movie tragedy.

One day Taani sees an advertisement for a dancing jodi (pair) competition and asks Surinder if she can take part. He says okay. Then he asks his friend Bobby (Vinay Pathak) to change his look so that he can pretend to be someone else and spend some time with his wife at the dance place. The change of look is amazing people…he shaves his mush and spikes up his hair…that’s all.

And all of a sudden Surinder becomes a super confident stud by the name of Raj which is STUPIDDDDDDDDD. A lot of unnecessary scenes take the movie to Raj proposing to Tania. Now, Tania is in a state of confusion whether to go with Raj and have her dream life or to stick on with Surinder who was there for her when no one else was.

Shahrukh’s characterization in the movie is stupidly stupid. If he can be a totally different guy without any effort, why can’t he just be that guy and make Taani happy? And also, even he doesn’t enjoy being Surinder anyways.

Confused…its stupid people, don’t even bother sorting out this mess.

Another stupid aspect of this film are the sets…it’s as if the sets are supposed to look like sets. Shahrukh’s house is a mini palace, the dance studio is an actual palace, hospitals are more or less like palaces and on and on. Who knows, may be every building in Amritsar is a palace.

One will surely love the music of this film, Why? Because you have already heard the songs a thousand times in other movies.

If the movie is cut short to around 2 hours with the help of some clever editing, then the OCCASIONAL jokes can be brought closer and the movie can be  remotelyyyy bearable.

I would like a compensation of 10 times the ticket price for every single minute I’ve spent watching this 3 hour long saga of stupidity.

Rating- 0- grow up Aditya


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6 Responses to Rab Ne Bana De Jodi..2008

  1. soaham says:

    I agree that mistakes were there, but most of them can be considered to be artistic liberties rather than flaws. We should not always relate cinema with reality and reality with cinema. For eg, Naseeruddin Shah in Jaane Tu… dead man talking from a photo, or superman flying around or rebirth in Karz, all this isnt reality, similarly taani not recognising Suri and Raj to be same is such a liberty of art taken to explain the Self vs Self aspect of life.
    The script I would say has got many mysteries of art entangled and encrypted in it. Like the aspect of a human nature duality, where he can be someone else and get something much more than what he can get by being himself, but he doesnt want it coz he wants to achieve everything by being himself, by being suri and not raj.

  2. anoora says:

    great review u rock man

  3. anoora says:

    fuck the movie the female lead actor rocks……

  4. Darkprince says:

    ur review sucks man

    watch the movie first its

    really a good movie

    good sentimental love story

  5. rohit says:

    thanx a lot for commenting on my blog darkprince…i’m happy u’ve read my review and let me say this one more time

    keep coming back and keep commenting…

  6. Ally.. says:

    comments 4 dis movie…dude seriously!!!!

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