Anbe Sivam / Sathyame Sivam..2003

Story and Screenplay: Kamal Hasan

Dialogue: Madan

rohit SAYS,

Ever heard of a lifetime film? Every actor and maker has a dream project. Mostly such projects reflect more of the maker’s personal side than his creative one. The movie about which you are about to read now is one such dream design of the greatest Indian film personality (at least for me) –4 time national award winning Padmasri Kamal Hasan.

Getting to the story, an airport is where it all starts. Anbarasu (Anbu) played by Madhavan is an add filmmaker stuck in the Bhuvaneshwar airport like many others because of heavy rains. Kamal (playing Nallasivam or just Sivam) is a handicapped man with scars on his face. The situations guide the film towards Anbu and Sivam ending up in the same hotel room.

The film travels through a lot of witty moments in the first 1 hour. Then the gracious screenplay takes the movie to Sivam’s past. Sivam -a communist who with his group of rebels is fighting for an increase in the daily wages of a local factory. The flashback starts with an anti capitalist street play, which stands out to be one of the best scenes in the entire film.

A few shifts between the current story and that of the past happen through the 2nd installment of the feature and a movie which you would never want to come to an end ends with yet another bit of Russian influenced wit:

“Brathike pondi” (go live!!)

Unless one can connect to the movie as an argument between communism and capitalism which happens literally in every line spoken by every character in the movie, one wouldn’t enjoy the movie thoroughly. Kamal with his shattered face represents the broken USSR and Madhavan with his clean hunky looks represents the corrupt western nations.

Dialogues of Anbe Sivam/Sathyame Sivam:

Anbe Sivam talks to you in a very colloquial and ambiguous yet not very populous way which would make you want to watch the movie over and over again.  Do watch the movie at a stretch guys.

Not only Kamal but also Madhavan playing a childish upper class Indian gives in his best and also Nazar playing the factory owner delivers one of his career best performances. I wish i can tell you guys about 10 to 20 legendary conversations (at least) of the flick. But, better find out yourself.

And also the girl episode of the picture is scripted with expertise.

As far as I know if you are not from South India, you wouldn’t get the wit of the film’s exceptional dialogue work.

Rating- √√√√1/2- Charitratmik (English Transaltion-Legendary)

P.S. try locating the Gorbuchev link of the film and all religious people get ready for a lot of offense.


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4 Responses to Anbe Sivam / Sathyame Sivam..2003

  1. soaham says:

    I dont have a clue of tamil or telegu movies rohit, just watched Pokiri,Khadgam and Badra in telegu. But I do respect Kamal Hasan as an artiste. Who can forget the unforgettable performance he gave in Pushpak or comedies like Chachi 420 and so many others…..

  2. daskino says:

    what u have seen is the cream of stupid masala non sense…ask me for any of the better movies

  3. Ally.. says:

    this is probably one of the best tamil movies i’ve ever seen..let alone tamil movies one d most amazin piece of cinema i’ve ever seen..

  4. Rajesh says:

    In this movie kamal’s acting is very great, no one can doubt his performance as a actor

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