Burn after reading..2008

Written, produced and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen

rohit SAYS,

Making movies where nothing ever happens, but still, a few people die, a few break ups and people from embassies and federal agencies get involved – all this does seem like new kind of cinema. But, if you have seen any of the previous Coen bro films…this is one of their routine exercises.

The Coens have successfully roped in George Clooney again to portray yet another creepy funny character (Harry), but, the best part of the movie however is the dumb and funny Chad played by Brad Pitt. First up on screen we have John Malkovich playing Osbourne Cox an official in the federal treasury who gets fired after an argument filled with F’s.

Tilda Swinton, who’s got an Oscar last year for a Clooney movie (Michael Clayton), plays Katie Cox – the wife of Osbourne Cox. Harry (also married) and Katie have an affair and are planning to move into Katie’s place after she divorces Osbourne. However, if Katie wants the money and the house after the divorce she needs to give the bank statements etc to her lawyer.

The lawyer’s secretary goes to the gym where Chad and Linda work. Linda played by Frances McDormand is a middle aged lonely lady on the hunt for some cash to suck the fat out of her body and reinvent herself. The secretary losing the bank statement DVD and Chad finding it creates the whole Coen puzzle of the film. Chad and Linda believe that the bank statement DVD is some “intelligent shit” and tries to use that to get money from Osbourne.

Does it seem like I have given away a lot of the film’s plot?…don’t worry!..there’s a lot more in the movie to confuse you.

The plot goes everywhere possible from the Russian Embassy to the FBI from then on and ends nowhere (after two kills and a lot of disasters).

The masterful camera and dialogue (even though similar to the previous films of the makers) are the best elements of the film and keeps one confusingly busy.

The 90 minutes of brainteasers are great fun and if you are a Coen bro fan like me, watch it before it moves out of the theatres…to avoid regret.

Rating- √√√1/2- a league of oscar winning morons

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8 Responses to Burn after reading..2008

  1. Pranav says:

    dude…..the movie is terriblee…..it dosent make any sense…..after an hour and a half of NONSENSE….1 thing is for sure….this movie is waste of time & money !!…………(unlike BIG LEBOWSKI)

  2. Pranav says:

    the movie is terrible…….NONSENSE!!!!

  3. Ally.. says:

    jus saw it..fuckin brilliant..pitt ws awesome..coen bros. r legendary!!!

  4. daskino says:

    i understand pranav…u still have to learn a lot abt cinema and to watch a coen bro comedy u need to have a good comic sense and daskino is here to teach u tht…mate think abt it, u like partner!!!

  5. pranav says:

    dazz veryy rudeee……evryone has there own point of u ab8 cinema….learn to respect it….i did see big lebowski and liked it….but this is total bull crap !!!….even rotten tomatoes agrees with dat!!!

  6. rohit says:

    who the he fck is rotten tomatoes…but, mate even they have given this film a good 79% and even my review is similar to 80 odd percent,…so, you can either learn about good cinema or u can be happy with Sallu bhai movies

  7. Pranav says:

    i never said, i luv all of sallu bhai’s movies…..chillax dude….but he is d style icon of bollywood!!!

  8. daskino says:

    ya dude the biggest non actor of our times is the style icon of our industry,,..tht explains y Indian movies can never make it up there

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