Neninthe (i’m what i am)..2008

Written and directed by Puri Jagannath

rohit  and srijana SAY,

Does kick off as a promising flick; at least seems like a deviation from the Puri Jagganath masala. But, 10 minutes into film one realizes that there’s no point in expecting anything new from this guy. Might as well accept the fact that this dude is good at his kind of movies and expect nothing else from him. You know a hopeless case when you see it.

Ravi Teja playing Ravi is an aspiring director who works as a co-director for Idly Vishwanath-a satire on Puri himself (Brahmanandam) in the first 1 hour. Ravi meets Sandhya (debutant Siya), a small time dancer. Ravi and Sandhya meet for the first time on a movie set over a petty costume disagreement. They end up as neighbors and blah blah blah is how their story goes about.

The most tiring cliché of the film is Krishna Bhagavan playing Sandhya’s evil brother-in-law who harasses her for money. The very regular Puri screenplay directs the movie to a few boring songs and a LOT of totally unnecessary fights. We have all the usual characters of a film about films– aspiring directors, desperate actors etc.

Ravi getting Sandhya a role in a V.V.Vinayak film, his own movie trails and the Yadoo episode (a real estate thug who wants Sandhya at any cost) keeps the movie rolling.

The whole Yadoo affair of the film is so improper that it makes the Ravi chronicle a mere subplot. The director was so neck deep in the masala format that he failed to recognize this gigantic flaw.

The whole movie however is Puri’s way of telling what happens behind the scenes. The producers, the fans, the media, the critics, the actors…Puri had something to tell from everyone’s perspective. A senior journalist collecting everyone’s opinion about cinema is my favorite scene of the flick (especially the chaiwala’s opinion). However, the maker is trying to take up too many arguments and it ultimately becomes too much of a burden for the plot.

One other thing Mr.Jagan, please do try to come out with new kind of sets and song visuals. It’s getting beyond boring!!

And the whole hammering session for critics was well planned. The reviews that come out, especially about Telugu films on Telugu sites is sooooooooo biased  and pea brainy (idle____n for instance) that the scene does gives out the right attitude.

Whatever dry is said about the film one can’t deny the fact that Puri’s films with the occasional humour and scenes of reckless attitude  holds one’s interest at least for the sake of the pace.

All in all with 2 good songs and the Puri dialogue work, the film is not a that bad after all. It’s a good one time watch.

Rating- √√- in case u watch it, don’t miss the opening credits


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