Cinematography : Ravi.K.Chandran    Music : A.R.Rahman

Director : A.R.Muragadoss

rohit SAYS,

What would Aamir say about the film?

“This is my way of delivering non sensical blockbusters“…the only difference being that Aamir had chosen the South Indian version of non sense.

I would like to review this movie in three mind sets; first up, if you are from the South and have already seen the Suriya Ghajini, then this film is a dragging, never ending 180 minutes.

If you are from the South and have not seen the Suriya version, then you would say: “It’s a decent film”

But, if you are from the North, I bet you would love this flick. Over the years the greatest success of South Indian commercial (masala) cinema is that the movies are so swell packed with humor, songs and action sequences that the films would never give you a minute to analyze their stupidity. And a product like that hadn’t been sold in the North for quite some time now. The Peter Heins fights and other elements of Southern cinema are something new (or forgotten) to the Hindi movie audience and would surely enthrall them. I still remember how much I have enjoyed the first few Peter Heins’s blows on screen.

Getting to the premise of the film; Sanjay Singhania played by the muscle ripped Aamir Khan is the chairman of the billion dollar Air Voice mobile phone company. The screenplay lets the movie open to Jiya Khan (playing Sunita-a medical student) learning about a strange brain disease – Short term memory loss. A disease which makes people forget what happened at regular intervals and in the Sanjay case – 15 minutes. She gets the Sanjay file from the hospital records, but, the professor wouldn’t let her take up the project because the police are involved with it.

The bald Aamir is a mean killing machine hunting down his preys in a much planned manner. The reason for the hunt is told in the flashback of the feature which is split in three installments throughout the film.

The real star of the film however is the ‘full of life’ Asin playing Kalpana – a small time add model. This girl had brought in all her confidence into the film and had given it her all. Kalpana gets caught up in a lie about Sanjay being her boyfriend and the whole Kalpana-Sanjay episode is scripted upon this lie. As far as I know for a guy who hadn’t seen the Tamil version the movie moves at an attractive pace and ends with Sanjay’s dramatic revenge fight over Ghajini (Pradeep Rawat).

Quite a few changes (good changes) had been made for the Hindi version especially towards the end. If not for Ravi.K.Chandran’s cinematography and the Rahman music the movie would have been any other much anticipated mega flop. The songs are a real treat, both for the eyes and the ears.

I have to say this: “Suriya had done a better job. Or a more diplomatic way of putting it would be: Suriya suited the role better than the ‘A’ce Khan”

Rating- √√√- you are from the North.

Rating- √√- you are from the South and had not seen the Tamil version.

Rating- √- you are from the South and had seen the Tamil version.

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3 Responses to Ghajini..2008

  1. james says:

    i agree wid u rohit…there are some sceanes where we think suriya acted very well than aamir…but in hindi the revealed who GAJINI is but they didnt do tht in south indian filims.and so far as i am concerned PETRT HAYNES is old for south….

  2. rohit says:

    thanx 4 commentin james…its a real boost u guys visiting the blog…keep coming back…do i know u??

  3. soaham says:

    smart ratings…keeping urself safe.! well i believe ur statement that OLLO is the best last year…is absolutely true!!!

    Catchup wid my review of Dev.D and Billu and comment

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