Finest of 08

DASKINO’s pick of 2008

A Wednesday (H) The surprise hit . Conversation of the year (between N.Shah and A.Kher).

Aamir (H) – A movie which brings you back to life with its dramatic ending. A bold and true to the heart film. A march contributing towards the evolution of Indian cinema.

Anjathey (TA) – One of the most impressive narratives I’ve come across this season. A movie made by a bunch of true believers in the script.

Ashta-Chamma (TE) – As already stated in the review, a new age Telugu comedy and my favorite Telugu flick of the year. Adaptation excellence and humor that sticks on to you for a long time.


Dasavathaaram (TA) – Despite 2 to 3 totally unrelated  characters, missing Kamal’s remarkable ten is unintelligent. The Ulaga Nayagan’s magnum opus. Watch it for Kamal.

Ghajini (H) – It had been a known issue of how remakes of South Indian flicks turn out to be terrible in the North Indian circuit. But, the Oscar nominated Khan doesn’t follow the other sheep of the flock. It’s a must watch for Hindi movie people (only).

Saroja (TA) – Even though the film’s Telugu version was a failure, the Tamil version helped Venkat Prabhu to continue his voyage of movies about everyday idiots.

Subramaniyapuram (TA) – A fairy tale journey for the whole crew. An adaptation of a movie as insane as ‘A Clockwork Orange’ to have such commercial success is a thing which can happen only in one state (Tamil Nadu).

Welcome To Sajjanpur (H) – The brand names are brand names (Benegal) for what they are capable of. Fun to watch and an Indian movie to be proud of.

Gamyam (TE) – A good adaptation of  Buddha’s life. Allari Naresh once again proving that he’s going to stay here for a long long time.

hope more movies make it to this list next year..

Poster sketch : Gautham


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13 Responses to Finest of 08

  1. Nitin says:

    i Think Wednesday is the Flop of 2008 Welcome To Sajjanpur also same What u Think ?

  2. daskino says:

    daskino doesnt bother about hits or flops…….
    only good or bad movies ….. both are VERY GOOD

  3. Pranav says:

    dude…..dostana….dosent deserve to be up there!!!

  4. Ally.. says:

    dude inspite of kamal being in d movie don think dasava….deserves cause daskino is about great movies n its nt one of them…

  5. cjs says:

    y not??…a movie filled with humor all the freakin way mate..neways there have not been any other good hindi movies this season…thats no excuse…if u’ve seen dostana u’ll love it

  6. daskino says:

    watch it for kamal and nothin else…it is surely a must watch for everybody who knows kamal

  7. Pranav says:

    dude….slum where’s slumdog millionare ???

  8. Liquidmetal says:

    Hey ,
    hv u tried of making any short filmz .?

  9. daskino says:

    we have…whos this (Liquidmetal)??

  10. daskino says:

    Daskino is sorry for including ‘dostana’ in the must watch list..its not all such a bad flick but not tht good either…
    somebody was stoned when he’s seen the flick and hence the mistake

  11. Check Out My Movie Trailers on Youtube!

  12. daskino says:

    which one is yours mate??….there are a million trailers out there

  13. dayalini says:

    Whats the review of aloo chaat

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