Director : Srinu Vaitla

Hero : Nagarjuna

rohit SAYS,

There are some movies upon which an opinion is tough to come by. You like it, hate it, not a bad movie or unbearable…you really don’t know. With some great humor, expensively idiotic action episodes and seriously irritating songs it is tough to opine on Srinu Vaitla’s ‘King’.

Nagarjuna’s father was a millionaire, he dies, he inherits the wealth, takes up the business at an early age, he loves his brother, his family loves him, blah, bore and nothing interesting is the story of the 1st 20 odd minutes. Guess what Nag’s name in the movie is -‘KING’.

The King gets killed by Mamatha Mohandas playing some stupid character whose name I don’t remember. There is another Nagarjuna in the movie by the name of ‘Bottu Seenu’. He’s a good goon who takes up a deal only if the moral of the deal is a good one. He sees Trisha (Shravani) for the first time in a bus stop playing in the rain (I love these guys – the makers, they don’t give a shit about clichéd scenes). He sees her for the second time in a mall when she donates 25000 rupees to an orphanage (I love these guys).

The plot– I don’t think even the script writer has a clear idea of what’s happening in the film. Bottu Seenu uses a fake name (Sharath) to get to Trisha. There is a whole lot of confusion about who’s who and with steals from movies like Golmaal, Chandaramukhi and others the story is hard to explain. And we also have Sri Hari playing Trisha’s elder brother.

The camera work of the film promises a headache to everyone. Half the time it’s on people’s faces or just making circles. Songs are another issue in the movie. It’s as if the songs were made when the composer’s half asleep .

The only good part of the film is Brahmanandam playing music director Jayasurya. The movie as stupid as it seems it still has a few scenes where you just burst out laughing.

The movie had done one thing for sure – made an absolute a_s of Nag. It’s one of those movies where nothing comes the movie’s way. A movie made when everyone on the sets is drunk or drugged.

Rating – √- better avoid this

P.S. Mr.Vaitla stick to low budget features. Coz you dont know what to do with all that money in movies like this and end up making  s__t.


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