Written and Directed by Ravi Babu

rohit SAYS,

One of the most frustrating things on the planet is a dumb movie trying to show off its brilliance. And such a thing had happened in the past with Ravi Babu (Party, Soggadu etc.).

The film is about a teenager and his fancy of having a lot of girlfriends. The film’s got a pretty decent plot. If only the director would have dealt with the script in a simple manner. Instead he had fiddled with too many uninteresting characters to make a mess out of it.

The film does kick off like a genuine attempt at making a different kind of film with grayish sets and interesting song visuals. But, after a while the film’s absurd scenes just irritates the hell out of you.

There are few scenes of humor which come to the movie’s rescue now and then. But, one good scene and five retarded scenes cannot interest the viewer.

Like I have told you, the plot is simple and well connected between the girl, the guy and his parents, but, the plot’s simplicity is ruined by the director’s folly of trying to make something else and the not sticking to the script’s basic premise.

The last hour of the film is you just sitting there just waiting, waiting and waiting for the film to get over. In addition to all the wacky stupidity throughout the film it also turns melooooooooooooodramic in the last 20 minutes.

Rating – √- 1 on 5 for trying to be different


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5 Responses to Nachavule..2008

  1. seetha says:

    I don’t think it deserves even one out of five.The second half is very boring from the start

  2. Darkprince says:

    wah what a critick are u man really
    that movie has all the things

    comedy tragedy romance sentiment

    it was such a sweet movie and u simply rate it
    if u have any guts of rating amovie first try to take a movie

    Have u seen “neninthe” thats movie is really for u

  3. daskino says:

    thanx a lot for commentin again darkprince

    now i totally understand ur standard of films…but i totally envy ur kind of people…u guys are so happy watching even the most terrible cinema..u can either be happy with the baaaaaad movie taste u have or u can take daskino’s advise n improve ur movie watching capability…thanx for commentin again and hey do I know u??

  4. daskino says:

    n check the trailer of aussteigen if u wanna see wht daskino is capable of making

  5. darkprince says:


    u dont know me
    but im a frind of ur friends

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