Sasirekha Parinayam..2009

Directed by Krishna Vamsi

rohit SAYS,

The first Telugu flick of the year, not a bad start. A simple way of telling how this film is – an engaging first half, a dragging but a bearable second installment and amazing performances from both the leads (Tarun and Genelia).

If people tell you that it’s a remake of ‘Jab We Met’, you’ve heard it wrong. The film does have a few similar scenes but is very mildly related to the Hindi feature. The film gets going with Sasirekha (Genelia) going back to her village upon the sudden call by her father. And when she gets there she realizes that she is getting married to an n.r.i on that very day.

Ahuthi Prasad playing Thattabhai is Sasirekha’s father. If you have seen the director’s previous film (Chandamama, which had recently won 5 Andhra state awards including one for Ahuthi Prasad for best supporting actor) expect something similar from this character. A very dreaded father who speaks in such a colloquial manner that half of his dialogues are censored. A character you will be dying to see on screen. And the rest of the cast is the usual Krishna Vamsi clan – Sivaji Raja and others and now we also have a funny Subba Raju playing Genelia’s brother in law.

Genelia panics about the marriage and runs away with a ton of gold on her. She accidentally meets Tarun (playing Anand) and he helps her in getting away. In the midst of all this we also have the comic Raghu Babu another relative of Sasirekha trying to find her. The first half ends with a nice spin in the tale.

The songs have been badly placed by the screenplay which if placed properly would have helped the movie a lot.

Ask me, I have thoroughly enjoyed the first half and in spite of a few unwanted and ill planned scenes in the second half the movie is watchable because of the leads. Tarun in the final scene and Genelia in a scene where she gets drunk are parts to look forward to. Also get ready to fall in love with Genelia all over again after ‘Bommarillu’.

It’s yet another Krishna Vamsi flick with a lot of enjoyable characters and colloquial dialogue work. And one other thing, if you are from Vijayawada, do watch this, coz the town gets a hell of lot of praise in the flick which you’ll surely enjoy.

Rating – √√1/2 – a good one time watch


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