Don’t bother this Sankranti/Pongal week

daskino SAYS,


The following is the list of new releases this week which Daskino did not bother watching or reviewing because of the evident stupidity available from the promos, songs and reviews we here at Daskino get from our friends in the business of reviewing.

First up we have a movie from the house of Warner Bros. Chandini Chowk To China is yet another expensive movie least bothered about proper scripting and had spent all its time trying to spend the millions of rupees flowing in from the overseas market.

I’ve heard in an interview that Akshay and the crew had to work for 18 hours a day for seven days because they couldn’t get the permission from the Chinese Govt to shoot on ‘The Great Wall’ for the period they wanted. Might as well spend that time on the script and come up with better scenes. It’s as if the director had scripted the basic premise and came up with the other scenes on the sets. From what I’ve heard the more casual scenes which slowly connect themselves to the plot had been scripted like s_it.

Now people, the new Ilayathalapathy (Vijay) starrer – ‘Villu’.

Remember the age old story of somebody in the family getting murdered by a bad bad guy and the rest of the film is about good looking girls falling in love with male lead for his superb looks and guts, songs on sets, fights for no reason and the Hero’s revenge with another stupid fight for the end.

But, one thing’s for sure, you can’t hate Vijay. He’s dumb and he accepts that. But, it is a terrible thing to see director’s like Prabhu Deva ruining themselves with masala flicks.

Thirdly we have the Dhanush starrer ‘Padikathavan’.

The post is getting a bit too long. So let me take you through this movie quickly. IT’S STUPID.

Lastly we have the Telugu Pongal release ‘Maska’ starring ‘Ram’.

The saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame old sets Ram movies usually pose off and a B.Gopal flick with usual blasts of cars and revenge plots. Nothing new and nothing interesting.

Do the smart thing, avoid these movies.

Poster Sketch : Gautham


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2 Responses to Don’t bother this Sankranti/Pongal week

  1. anoora says:

    It is for sure we dont need to bother about this year’s pongal releases as I have seen both the telugu and the hindi release.there is no surprise on gussing because both the movies ****ed to the core.Now let me tell abt these films in brief.
    Maska which is directed by B.Gopal is a bit new stuff as far as the director is concerned.The commedy in this movie is good and it seems tht it has a fairly good plot.This movie just stumbles into all the predicable twists and all the unwanted songs without any situation.the first half was beter and the other was worst.
    When we talk abt CC2C it is all abt the akshay’s show, this movie dosent care abt the script or the plot (dont even bother abt the other aspects of the movie).The movie is just rubbish…. “no second thoughts”.If you u are a fan of akshay kumar then go and watch the movie but dont execpt too much of fun like in his previous films(previous means not Sing is King!! previous to that film).
    Unfortunatly no surprises form the movie feild this sankranti.

  2. daskino says:

    even though we’ve claimed that we(Daskino) havent seen any of those movies, we actually have seen two and we thought that these flicks did not deserve Daskino’s blog space..

    thanx for keepin the blog active…keep coming back

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