Slumdog Millionaire..2008

Director : Danny Boyle

Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy          Novel : Vikas Swarup

rohit SAYS,

One often faces a situation where most of his friends had seen a recent blockbuster and he hasn’t. He hears so much about the movie that when he does watch the film he ends up disappointed. Slumdog Millionaire isn’t such a movie. Because even after all the hype on the planet you’ll still love this flick.

The movie starts of like one of those consuming Mira Nair’s movies about the Mumbai slums, but, without ANY sorrow. It’s a chronicle of events which lead Jamal Malik (played by Dev Patel, Ayush Mahesh and Tanay Hemanth) to winning a lot of money in a KBC kind of game show. One of the most well worked upon departments of the film is casting. The kids and their grown up versions convinces everyone that there cannot be a better option than these people.

I have seen the movie with a person who had read the book (Q & A) from which the movie had been adapted and he believes that the movie had done great justice to the novel (which is hard to come by). The answers given by Jamal on the show is the plot. It’s about how a chaiwala (tea guy) knows the answers to some of the most difficult questions. This is where the film’s plot gets interesting. There had been some incidents in Jamal’s life because of which he knows those answers. And the way the screenplay takes you back to Jamal’s past is the film’s greatest strength.

30 minutes into the film one can easily know that this movie is making it to the Oscars this year. Even though the feature keeps moving back and forth from the past to the game show, you will never feel a pinch of the shift. And that’s where the makers have hit the home run; a smooth ride filled with a lot of captivating moments had always been the formula for a movie that lasts.

The sound of the film (composed by A.R.Rahman) is another add on to this movie with a potential of 5 to 6 Oscar nominations. Not just the tracks but also the way the live sounds sync into the film does capture one’s attention.

It is great fun to watch actors like Irrfan Khan, Anil Kapoor and others being a part of this Danny Boyle feature. But, think of it; a guy from Hollywood came in and made an outstanding movie about the Indian slum life and nowhere in the film is there a scene of total unreality. The director rarely makes use of what we refer to as ‘cinematic liberty’. Why can’t the Indian industry produce a project like this and with the kind of budgets Bollywood can afford now, this should be nothing.

Hope it happens in the future .

Rating- √√√√- great watch


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9 Responses to Slumdog Millionaire..2008

  1. Pranav says:

    its a movie dat does perfect justice to the book……awesome book….awesome movie…..awesome review…..gr8!!

  2. Ally.. says:


  3. seetha says:

    It is sad that people lacking in both age and experience start reviewing films and making strong comments because anyone can say anything. While SM which occupies 1415 screens in the US today and is an Oscar nominee ;it has ended up below average in most of the theatres across India !The main problem with SM is its pitiable script which germinates from caricatures and not charecters. That is the reason no Indian is able to identify with the charecters.I can go on ripping the film apart but it is not even worth wasting so much time.I am even writng this much coz I know you and want you you to research on the elements of screen play and not get carried away by the hype created.Plz read all the wonderful views,disscussions and reviews of great Indian film makers on SM and then you will have an overview.Danny Boyle does not understand that India is in one of the biggest moments of crises and we are standing with a begging bowl waiting for Obama to pull us out of a similar shit pool that Jamal falls into and this is not the way we want to be potrayed to the world at this juncture.Earlier there was a lot of respect for the Oscar nominations but they too seem to have fallen prey to pressures which have been thrust upon the juries,like that of Miss world and Miss Universe.They award Indian girls to increase the sales of cosmetics in the third world’s biggest country !
    SM…What a shame!!!

  4. daskino says:

    there is always a different way of looking at it…One has to understand that SMs super run at various award nights is because the world hasn’t seen such an Indian movie and it has so many awards coz its an ENGLISH movie…y dont people get it,SM is an english movie made in India,thats all there is to it…and if one is dumb enough to take a movie and expect a country to be like tht..thts a sad state..not only Hollywood movies but even most of the lame Bollywood movies show the US and UK as places where u can get laid while walking on the road…movie’s a movie, lets leave it there and the screenplay though not revolutionary is smooth and one need not go through an effort to watch this flick.

  5. Aaj says:

    So refreshing to see one of the blithely accepted, rarely discussed and often ignored aspects of Indian society portrayed with such clarity. Gone are the rose-coloured glasses. What we have here is an honest, unapologetic view that sets the stage for Jamal & Lathika’s love story.

    One of the most telling moments in the film for me occurred when Salim shot Maman. Lathika, the first to shake off the shock, hurries to gather the money on the floor. Like I said – honest and unapologetic.

    The rise of the ‘new India’ is also shown and how remarkable to see the adaptability and resilience of the Indian masses.

    Why are we so incensed that a Brit has dared to make a comment on Indian society? Don’t you think all this post-colonial angst is a little old?

    If the goal is to always portray India in the best light possible, then are we to look only to Karan Johar-esque films where the ideal is an NRI with an estate?

    Or is it the current global socio-economic climate that has us itching for a more flattering close-up? If so, then by all means, let us continue to drag women out of pubs by their hair and beat them in the middle of the street. That should make India look exceptionally photogenic.

    Chandni Bar won two National Awards and the story, while brilliant, was lacking in hope. It left you bereft and with a feeling of utter helplessness, as was intended. From the success and accolades that film garnered, one can venture to guess that Slumdog’s portrayal of Mumbai’s slums isn’t the issue that has ruffled so many Indian feathers. Get over it and go see an exceptional cinematic ode to India.

    I won’t speak to the technical aspects of the film, but the human element makes a powerful contribution to the movie’s appeal. And as proven by the 8 Oscars Slumdog earned (yes, earned), this appeal is universal. Everyone loves an underdog, even if he comes from the slums of Mumbai.

    Slumdog Millionnaire – Jai Ho!

  6. daskino says:

    thanx a million for commentin ‘Aaj’…we at daskino really appreciate you guys visiting our blog and commenting…keep coming back and thanx again for the clear and articulate support argument you have posted for Slumdog..

  7. daskino says:

    Suma…its you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
    love you madameeeeeeee..
    thanx again

  8. Tanay says:

    Hey, just thought i should say that the urban city-going section likes to completely ignore a very important aspect of the indian situation and then claim its not even indian. And when it is actually brought into the forefront by somebody; regardless of whether the person is indian, urban india denounces the person for doing so. This is clearly an elitist phenomenon. The fact that national television channels(NDTV) take to the same view only tells us whose interests they are inclined towards.

    On the other hand, though i agree that Danny Boyle does a great job on showing the resilience of those living in such unlivable conditions, it does not mean we let it pass. This often leads people to conclude, ‘see even if people are poor they can make it out of poverty if they want to’.This is not true. Poverty is a serious situation that we, as indians, need to address and not just turn a blind eye towards.

    As far as the movie itself is concerned, Danny Boyle is able to show so many dimensions to the issue of poverty in indian cities without even remorsely hinting at depressive sentiments that it makes the movie enjoyable. This style is prevalent in his other very impressive movie ‘trainspotting’.

    Before i finish, i would also like to add that I thankful saw the movie before all the hype. The hype raises your expectations to such levels that it does not make the movie as enjoyable. So i admit there was ‘excess hype’ around the movie.

    Hoping for a daskino review on trainspotting!

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