Written and Directed by M.Night Shyamalan

rohit SAYS,

I’ve been planning for some time now to put up a review of a Night Shyamalan film. So might as well write about his best film.

Unbreakable is one of those impressive and clever scripts which are based on a brilliant one liner – every being in the world has an opposite. The film’s pace is very quick compared to other Shyamalan’s films and the twist in the plot is just wooooooooooooow!!

Samuel.L.Jackson playing Elijah Price is guy who’s born with 16 fractures in his body and because of his rare disease his bones remain weak for the rest of his life. He’s nicknamed ‘Mr. Glass’ in the film. Because of his situation Elijah couldn’t play with the other kids when he’s young and develops a passion for comic books.

One common thing he understands from all the comics he’s read is that every being on the planet has an exact opposite. So with this perception he starts looking for his opposite – ‘the unbreakable’.

Bruce Willis playing David Dunn is a security guard with small family (a wife and a boy). Dunn is in a train wreck in his first scene. Everyone but him on the train dies in that accident and he gets away without even a scratch.

One day he finds a note on his car’s windshield ‘Have you ever been ill?’ The question surprises him and he goes about asking everyone he meets everyday – his wife, his employer and others whether he’s ever been ill. To his shock he discovers that he hadn’t been ill for as long as anybody can remember.

Of all a sudden he rediscovers himself and realizes that he has a special capability of identifying bad people or criminals. Once he realizes this his mind goes into overdrive and starts seeing guilty people all around him.

One evening he follows a guy from a local sub way to a house and finds that the guy has held a few people as hostage there. He saves them in a very Manoj kind of scene and the next morning the local papers publish an article about a mystery man in a rain suit who saved the hostages.unbreakable_full

With worthy performances from both Samuel L and Bruce Willis and the brilliant twist in the end, this will make you want to watch another Shyamalan film.

Rating- √√√√ – Shyamalan’s best


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