Naan Kadavul / Nenu Devudni..2009

Written and Directed by Bala

Ever been to one those really depressing movies. I mean like real hardcore depression. Well here is one such film where sadness is just spoon fed to you from the start till the end.

The movie commences with a father coming to Kasi in search of his son whom he had left there 14 years ago upon the word of a jyothishian (astrologer). However he realizes that he had left him in a ghat which had been closed for 10 years and is now used by the Agoras (the final stage of Shiva’s worshipers where the saints consider themselves to be Gods and practice cannibalism).

To the father’s shock he discovers that his son is now a weed smoking Aghora. Later he takes his son home to at least give his wife a glance of their son. However, their son Rudra (played by Arya) is not interested in any human relations and had come here to break all bonds and go back to the Aghoras.

This is one side of the feature. On the other side we have the female lead Pooja playing a blind beggar and people this part of the film which later connects itself to the Begging Mafia is just one gloomy, depressing and disturbing ride. The mafia which has a lot of these very ugly characters just gives you all the sorrow you can digest and keeps giving it to you even after you are full of it.

There are a few comparatively light hearted scenes which again turn depressing because of all the super hideous characters of the film.

The soundtrack of the film composed by the Maestro Ilayaraja is psyched. ‘Om sivoham’ and a few other instrumentals were some of the most intense tracks I’ve ever heard.

But one very likeable thing about the film (for me) is the Director Bala not trying to sell the film and just making what he wanted to. Don’t expect anything like Pithamagan / Siva Putrudu from the Director this time.

There is one scene where Rudra is taken to the court for killing a person. And when asked what happened to the body be prepared for the Bala answer to hit you in the gut.

Seems like a lot (at least 20 minutes) of the film had be censored which slightly disturbed the continuity of the film. If you are hardcore Bala fan and don’t mind getting depressed, give it a try.

What’s going to happen after this film?02sld21

Arya’s price is gonna shoot sky high,

Bala’s gonna continue making movies which satisfy his interests alone and

Indian cinema has got in its folds a new actor with the likes of Suriya and Vikram.

Rating – n/a – eccentrics always make interesting films.


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