The Wrestler..2008

Directed by Darren Aronofskyoscar

Written by Robert D Siegel

rohit SAYS,

Mickey Rourke is the man of the moment and he deserves every bit of the attention he’s getting these days. If you wanna confirm the declaration, watch ‘The Wrestler’.

It’s a story about a big time wrestler in the 80’s and his collapse. The reasons for his downfall are not given and that’s a piece of intelligent film making. Whatever the reason, the important thing is setting up the premise and it doesn’t matter how you do it.

Not an out of the world script. We have seen plenty of  ‘fall and rise’ movies (‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’– where the golfing Matt Damon makes a come back and if you are looking for an Indian example – we do have the coach SRK’s ‘Chak De India’). But one has to observe that a smoothly operated, non-melodramic wrestling movie was never made before.

The movie starts off as 20 years later and Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson is now fighting it out at small wrestling firms which have matches every now and then with small crowds. The best part of the feature is the portrayal of the wrestler characters beyond the ring.

These guys are real sweethearts once they are out of the arena which is hard to imagine or relate to especially to us from India where wrestling is not a regular profession. The way they plan their matches, the way they pat and clap for each other and the way the joke around like everyone else.

Randy goes to Strip club regularly where he likes one particular stripper – the gorgeous Marisa Tomei playing Pam/Cassidy. Randy’s stroke after a gruesome hardcore match adjusts the mood of the film. He tells about the stroke to Pam and upon her suggestion goes to meet his daughter Stephanie (Evan Rachel Wood) with whom he’s never had a proper relation caused by the circumstances.poster_wrestler1

Randy with his big comeback match, Pam planning her shift with her kids and the patch up between the daughter and the father take you through the last half hour of the film.

There is one scene where Randy invites a kid who usually plays outside his caravan to have a game of Nintendo. This is one scene which will make you love this old wrestler more than ever. And the interesting thing is that not only Randy ‘The Ram’, but Mickey Rourke also marks his comeback with this film.

Rating – √√√√ – Mickey Rourke is the man.

oscar nominations – 2

Actor – Mickey Rourke

Supporting Actress – Marisa Tomei


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One Response to The Wrestler..2008

  1. sai says:

    Pity, that Mickey Rourkey dint get the Award…I had no clue who he was before this movie,,but man,this guy can act…take a bow,Mickey…

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