Tropic Thunder..2008

Directed, Co-Written and Co-Produced by Ben Stilleroscar2

Starring Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and also Tom Cruise

rohit SAYS,

When was the last time you were watching a movie alone and yet you were smashing every thing around you coz you cannot control your laughter, just bouncing up and down in your chair and banging on your computer desk. That was exactly what happened to me while I was watching this co-written, co-produced, co-acted and directed alone venture of Ben Stiller. (especially the first 30 minutes)

The movie is basically an expensive spoof of Hollywood actors, their lifestyles, the drugs and centrally focused on war films.

Ben Stiller (Tugg Speedman) is a Stallone kind of actor who had his hits in the past with Hollywood’s highest grosses and had gone down trying to make the same films over and over.

Next up we have Jack Black (Jeff Portnoy) whose characterization is much of a reference to Chris Farley and Eddie Murphy put together. Cheap fart comedies and a hardcore drug addict.

The third guy of the ‘Thunder’ is Robert Downey Jr (Kirk Lazarus). He is a 5 time academy award winning actor in the film. One of those very serious minded method actors. He goes through a pigment operation to play this particular role in the movie being shot in the movie. “He’s a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude”.

Well the spoof doesn’t end there. It goes on to Brit Directors, Hollywood agents, the awards, rapper turned actors (Brandon T Jackson playing a 50 cent alike trying to make his mark in Hollywood) and also the producers.

You will for sure have a tough time spotting the actor of the producer character of the film played by The Superstar – Tom Cruise. This chap had perfected the fat-bald-rich producer.tropic-thunder-poster2

Robert Downey Jr and Ben stiller account for most of the fun and intensity of the film. And people do not expect anything of what you have seen in the previous spoofs of Hollywood. This movie has a few action episodes filled with explosives and tons of fun which might fool you into thinking:

“Is this really a spoof?”

But, if you are not an English movie buff you might not get the wit of the film. But if you are, you will laugh your guts off.

Rating – √√√1/2 – laughter marathon

P.S. Do not skip the end credits

oscar nominations – 1

Supporting Actor – Robert Downey Junior


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3 Responses to Tropic Thunder..2008

  1. soaham says:

    hey rohit..wat a coincidence…the next movie lined up to be reviewed by me is Tropic Thunder…(after Dilli 6) that is….

    i just reviewed Iron Man, another of Robert Downey Jr’s good movies….. y dont u check it out and comment…

  2. soaham says:

    saw this movie… rocks rocks rocks……well written bro…… robert and ben rocked the most nd its a non stop hillarious movie……

  3. daskino says:

    thanx a ton for all the comments mate..

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