Delhi 6..2009

Directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Music composed by A R Rahman

rohit SAYS,

It seems like Bollywood’s not gonna have its dream year or not gonna deliver as much as it promises. It did start off as a good launch with movies like Luck By Chance and Dev D. However, with Delhi 6 Hindi cinema will be facing its first mega breakdown of the year.

Rakeysh Omprakash always had the problem of getting his metaphorical explanation across. Let it be his first film – AKS or the controversial ending of Rang De Basanti. However this film is total script chaos and the movie kept losing the interest of the viewer.

Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) plays an American born Indian. He and his Dadi (Whaeedha Rahman) come back to India where Roshan wants to re invent himself. In course of time Roshan besides visiting Ram-Ravana plays, savoring Indian junk food and singing folk songs with his Grandma also gets involved with the local religious contraventions.

Sonam Kapoor playing Bittu is girl who like her widowed sister doesn’t want to restrict her life to Delhi 6, but, wants to explore more – be the Indian Idol or put more poetically – wants to keep herself away from a passive life.

The other characters of this not so interesting movie are Madan and Jai gopal played by the impeccable Om Puri and Pawan Malhothra. These guys are brothers who have built a wall in between their houses divided over family issues. The film does have a number of highly capable actors; say Atul Kulkarni, Rishi Kapoor and also the girl who stole the show every time she rolls into picture – Divya Dutt playing a lady who cleans the streets.

Like I’ve said the movie’s got a very metaphorical way of presenting itself through the story of the ‘Kaala Bhandar’. Until the popcorn break the film doesn’t bore you much and goes about in a very European cinema kind of way – under played emotions and nothing much happening.

But later on the script had lost control of itself and the Muslim Hindu disputes, the Bittu-Roshan episode and other ‘half believable’ tales of people in that locality have created a mood of  ‘Ah! Get over with it, I wanna go home’.delhi-6-1

The film had totally flushed down the drain the earnest efforts of the cinematographer (Binod Pradhan) and the music composer (A.R.Rahman).

Even after a charming performance by Abhishek and the other cast, the film couldn’t get it right because of not being clear to itself or the audience.

There is one particularly dumb scene where Roshan calls his Dad and says “Dad India works, the people make it work”, this is after he got slapped by a few people, been in jail once and has absolutely nothing but the girl to stay back for.

I know that the music and the promos really mean a lot to you guys, but, take my advice – avoid the bore.

Rating – √ – too much of a personal movie


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  1. soaham says:

    plz comment on my review……urs was nice…

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