An Award night par excellence…

A night to remember

I have seen around 10 Oscar nights so far. And believe me when I say this, all of them put together is not even half of what I have seen yesterday morning.81st_academy_awards_poster

The 81st academy awards is the comeback of the world’s biggest movie event. For those of you who have seen the 80th academy awards would know that the event last year was dark (mainly because of the genres of the nominated films), badly produced (which of course was partly caused by the strike of the screen writers guild), not very lively and also the show’s script is nowhere close to the Oscar echelon.

But, this year the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences had hit back so hard that this night will be remembered for the rest of the lives of anyone whose seen it. To begin with,

081212hughjackman1The host – The truly charming Hugh Jackman with his intro in a musical movie way wherein he introduces the nominations for best picture will just make you clap sub consciously. The wit the whole show’s got is just as good as any Oscar winning comic film.

The stage – the Kodak theatre lit with blue, red, brown, orange and silver had brought in real vibrancy. You would just want to sit and stare at the grandeur of the arena.

The Mechanics – the way the videos of previous Oscar winners are composed, the way the nominations (especially that of lead and supporting actors) are read or brought out, the various hardware like the giant LCD, the retro stage decorations, the curtains and almost everything you see is a sheer pleasure to the eyes.cast-and-crew-of-slumdog-001

The Presenters – Ben Stiller with his old man look, Cuba Gooding Jr, the unshaven Adrien Brudy, the striking Halle Berry, the James Franco video, Will Smith, Sir Ben Kingsley, Jack Black, Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, Steven Spielberg and many others have added so much to the show with their wonderful timing and charm.

The Awards – Slumdog winning 8, A R winning 2, an other Indian Resul Pookutty winning an academy for best sound mixing, the late ‘Heath Ledger’ winning the award for his portrayal of the insane ‘Joker’, unexpectedly the suited in white Mickey Rourke losing it to Sean Penn…it was all just about perfect.

The performances – A R Rahman had performed ‘O Sayo’ and then John Legend takes over to perform ‘Down to Earth’ from Wall-E, Rahman comes back with ‘Jaya Ho’ and in the end both them sing together to create fusion magic. It was blissful.

If somebody is giving away Oscars for Oscar nights, this year’s event would sweep it all away. If you have missed it, try catching up with the re-run, try getting the DVD, try downloading it, do something, WATCH IT

Bravo Academy !! Bravooscar-teamx

The men on the right are Academy award producers Bill Condon and Laurence Mark. This is the duo that revamped the award night this year.


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4 Responses to An Award night par excellence…

  1. rahul says:

    Sharukh – Saif started this making entertaining themes for award shows here but THE OSCARS were just a class apart …. Jackman was funny – yet kept his dignity, Lesson for Sarukh – Saif and also Farah Khan who feels “it is not necessary to be diplomatic at award nights, it all about the TV audience and they like controversies” …. Well Indian cinema always have been a cheap copy of hollywood with some exception …. but time to learn how to copy atleast …..

  2. sai says:

    The awards night was truly exceptional this time,well,that may well be because this was my first..:D..My fav parts were seth rogen’s ,, hugh jackman’s “spoof” on the high school musical,, my man jack black’s part,and Sean penn calling the academy “hommie,commie lovers” in his acceptence speech…hilarious

  3. sai says:

    Oh,and i see they finally let cuba gooding jr back to an awards function,after he did the worst movie in the millenium BOAT TRIP..allowing him to introduce robert downey jr,for the award,was a bit lame…oh, in case u guys dint watch the academy awards,don’t worry u can catch it in the numerous bollywood awards done by shahrukh and saif this year,coz we only copy from the best!!

  4. daskino says:

    nice ones Sai

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