European cinema


Directed by Sean Ellis

rohit SAYS,

From the time I’ve mentioned that Delhi 6 is kind of European, I’ve got quite a few calls asking what I meant by that. Hugh Grant movies apart European cinema is not very Hollywoodish. The movies from this part of the world differ from the other English language films as much as Indian cinema differs from other sorts of cinema.

From what I’ve seen of this genre, one of my favorite films is Sean Ellis’s ‘Cashback’. Unless you know before hand that nothing ever happens in most of the European movies you will be waiting for something to happen which will never happen.

Sean Bibberstaff playing Ben Willis has a violent break up with his girl friend, that’s how the movie unwraps. Not being able to get over her Ben has a string of sleepless nights and days. So to turn his newly found hours into something productive he starts working at nights in a 24 hour supermarket – Sainsbury’s.

He makes a few friends there each with his or her issues. Ben is an art student and in due course he realizes that he can freeze anything around him until he makes a sketch of it or for any other purpose. With not many customers around he starts chalking quite a few portraits of various people, especially those of nude women in the supermarket (as in, freezes the girl and uses his imagination to draw her nude). Ben’s narrative in the movie tells us how he was always attracted to the female form after what he’s seen of a Swedish student at his house when he was young.

After a few days he asks his colleague in the market, Sharon Pintey played by Emilia Fox out on a date. After a pretty successful date Ben gets to sleep like a stone after a long long time.

There is another side to the screenplay of the film – Ben’s past. Ben tells us cashbackabout his childhood days, the girl next door, his friend Sean and how Sean’s mother thought they were gay. The visual shift from the flashback to the supermarket is very impressive.

A prank call from his colleagues at the supermarket gives Ben a chance to exhibit his paintings and a total freeze along with his new girlfriend Sharon ends the film.

If you are used to European cinema you’ll love this flick and if you are not you will start watching movies from this part of the planet.

Rating – √√√√- one of my favorites

The dude who recomended this film to me (Alistair) kept saying that it would be such a wonderful thing to freeze time, cashback style until you want it.


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