– One of Telugu’s best

rohit SAYS,

The Telugu film industry produces the largest number of films every ntr3year in India, with about 240 films per year which includes movies from other cinema industries. Andhra Pradesh has the most number of theatres in the country with about 3000 theatres and at far second place is Punjab with around 1500 theaters. People from this part of the country are maaaaaad about cinema and they love their stars more than anything else.

The reason for the cinema fanatics however is not very genuine. Caste being one of the main causes.

The spread of Telugu cinema within and overseas is just unimaginable. This industry has the potential to take risks with massive budgets, the audiences are mature enough to judge a well made movie and give it the proper appraisal. But, for some reason or the other the quality of the movies made here is down right terrible and brainless. Even though a lot of dubbed Tamil movies have enjoyed great commercial success in the Andhra theaters, the people of this industry have learnt very little.

Anukokunda Oka Roju..2005

Written and directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti

But there have been a few movies which the Telugu and the Indian film fraternity can be proud of. One such all time favorite Telugu movie of mine is ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’. The plot, the music, the visual, the dialogue, the amount of realism and the level of cinematic liberty taken and everything about this movie is the closest you can get to a perfect movie and not a single complaint can be made about the film.

A girl with family issues of a father with two wives and career aspirations of a singer is the protagonist of the film – Sahasra (Charmee Kaur). But that’s just the backcloth of the lead character and has almost nothing to do with the film’s main chronicle.

Sahasra attends a late night party much against her will where she is anukokunda-oka-roju-wallpaperdrugged. What happened between the time she left the party and woke up the next morning is the movie. The bunch of characters – a taxi driver (Shashank), thugs in the market trying to kill her, the police officer who wants to marry her (Jagapathi Babu), the guy who died and his rich friend…all these are the bits and pieces which make this jigsaw puzzle a super paced, super humorous ride of purely amazing cinema.

The writer director Chandrasekhar Yeleti is the master of revelation. Just like his first film ‘Aithe’, the way he reveals the part hid by the screenplay is fun or pleasure or amazement or whatever you want to call that.

The movie had been remade into Hindi – ‘Sunday’, do yourself a favor, don’t watch this piece of cr_p.

Watch the Telugu version and I’m sure you will be bewildered. You think the verb is a bit too much, believe me – its not.

Rating – √√√√ – you should try all of this director’s movies


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4 Responses to – One of Telugu’s best

  1. Tanay says:

    So I agree with you on the ‘dumb and brainless’ telugu cinema.

    But thankfully we one director i can think of who has put telugu cinema on to the international encyclopedia(literally) and that is Vishwanath. His movies have rare combination of mass popularity and cienamtic brilliance. Many attribute the revival of classical dance and music in andhra pradesh to his movies.
    Makes you wonder, why we cant have such directors in tollywood today?

  2. daskino says:

    Vishwanath is without doubt one of the greatest Indian directors…

    but there is something about his movies which kind of sympathize and also boast off the greatness of the brahmin community

  3. Tanay says:

    I completely agree. But I sympathise with him on that aspect because he is able to bring out the idiosyncrasies of the brahmin community as well. In shankarabharanam, the lead character decides to bring with him a lady from another cast onto the stage to perform with him. Immediately all his fellow musicians (brahmins) dessert him for his act. This results in him breaking into a song directed at God saying ‘I took your side and yet you punish me!’ This is because to the lead character (being an artist himself) God is perfection of artistic expression. And he believes that it does not matter which caste the artist belonged to. In this way his sensitive treatment of caste issues is very prominent in his work.

  4. prem says:

    the ratings are possibly correct!! so please give the new careers for the film industry by your ratings………….(Ex. a wednesday/EENADU ) it s direction was excellent and acting of kamal and venkatesh was mind blowing…….so rate it mama!!!

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