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6 Responses to – Best actor, female

  1. soaham says:

    true, its terrible that female leads are not actually leads….they just are used as a glamour quotient…I think Priyanka Chopra(Fashion) and Genelia (jAANE tU) were missed out by you…both were substantial roles brilliantly played….

  2. daskino says:

    to know y Genelia wasnt nominated for ‘Jaane Tu’ u should watch a telugu movie called ‘Bommarillu’ where Genelia plays a real bubbly girl and she was just BRILLIANT.

    Bommarillu is what people describe as the movie where Genelia started acting…however after this flick she was offered a lot of similar roles which includes Jaane Tu and she’s been doin the same and there is no point in nominating her for doin the same stuff over and over again.

    She was good but nothing path breakin.

  3. daskino says:

    as far as Priyanka’s case goes, it is without doubt her best performance compared to her other ‘beyond terrible’ performances.

    She had done a decent job and in no way deserves a nomination. Its just that she was better than others in the circuit non-acting dumb actresses and she was better than herself, compared to her previous performances.

    as far as my opinion goes, all credit to Madhur.

    And mate she’s turning out to be the most money minded, least bothered, dumb ladies of the era…want me to prove that, check her 2008 filmography

  4. daskino says:

    and why we’ve nominated Asin even though its literally the same scenes all over again (for HIndi Ghajini) is double the effort, twice the ease and charm she had brought in to the character

  5. soaham says:

    ur contradicting urself. if genelia does it second time theres no point and for asin its a credit. no doubt both have been brilliant in the hindi versions. I have heard of Bomarillu, does it have Siddharth??

    The only telegu movie i have seeen is Boyz and i liked it. I have Pokiri , Game, Bomarillu, Khadgam, and some other comedies but did not get the time to watch them..

    I know one song from Khadgam(2005) though. It featured Sonali Bendre. I had learnt it for my 2007 gf who was telegu…..Nuvvu Nuvvu Nuvve Nuvvu…

    I like south movies.I believe that the energy they can bring in on the screen is fabulous. One south movie i was dying to see was Dasavatharam. But cudnt get the DVD amongst my frnds…

  6. daskino says:

    u didn’t get my argument right…the only way u can is to watch both the Tamil and Hindi versions of Ghajini n note the difference urself, real effort put in is clearly seen in the Hindi version which is not seen in Genelia’s performance…

    Genelia is one of my fav actors of the new age ,but, the Jaane Tu performance is not something i’m so fond of.

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