– A tribute to Prabhu Deva

The best dancer and choreographer of India by far. vlcsnap-741131

2 time national award winner for ‘Main Aisa Kyun hu’ of  ‘Lakshya’


‘Vennilave’ of  ‘Minsaara Kanavu’ :

music composer : A R Rahman

Even though the the bearded dude doesn’t have a large variety of what is conventionally referred to as dance, he captures the real essence of dancing – portraying dance as more of an expression than just moving one’s limbs.

And when he choreographs the iconic South Indian ‘dancer stars’ like Chiranjeevi and Kamal Haasan, its pure magic on screen.

For those of you not familiar with South Indian  cinema, I have to tell you this – Prabhu D’s acting skills are as good as his dancing capabilities. His first film as the lead actor –  ‘Kadalan’/’Pemikudu’ and a ton of other movies that followed are illustrations of his acting potential. Even though he is awful at selecting scripts, as an actor, no one can deny his ability.

And by the way, did you guys know that he is gonna be a part of the cast of Mira Nair’s ‘Shantaram’ starring Johnny Depp.

Watch the video guys, its a perfect combo of Indian music and dance…


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