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rohit SAYS,


The Anurag Kashyap directed Dev.D had made it to the IMDB list of top 250, but, for a very brief while. Though it had been vote beaten by other movies as of now, I’m sure that this is one movie Indian cinema will always be remembered by and will be soon back on that list.

Thank U Kashyap

For those of you not familiar with the list procedure, here is how it goes

All registered users of IMDB can vote for any movie on a scale of 10. And the aggregate average is considered to rate the movie. So, the number of votes and the rating of each visitor is given good importance. The ‘IMDB list of 250’ is one of the most respected movie rating lists of the world.

And now moving to the South, here is something big 


This is the promo poster of the new ‘Vetrimaran – Dhanush’ combo ‘Aadukalam’.

Vetrimaran is the director of one of Tamil cinema’s biggest blockbusters of 2007 – ‘Polladhavan’:polladhavan

‘Polladhavan’ is inspired from  De Sica’s  Bicycle Thieves.


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