– The next big thing

rohit SAYS,

large-0faafa383edc4c85c6c10e4f1b9f94a5Seems like a lot of cinema sense has been planted into the protagonist of the new Bala feature (Naan Kadavul) – Arya.

We’ve seen this happen in the past, actors who used to bank totally upon theirlooks have turned into wild lovers of cinema as an art form after working with this most eccentric Indian director. Surya is one such classic example and now its Arya’s turn. Arya had spent three years shooting for ‘Naan Kadavul’ during which time he couldn’t take up any other projects because he had to stay with the ‘Aghora’ look and more importantly had to stay in character. Now that’s what you call – Hollywood Style.


In these three years Arya had evolved not only as an actor but also understood the dynamics of cinema and had come out of the ‘Dumb Actor’ cluster.

Now Arya totally comprehends the implication of a ‘True actor’. As of now Arya has the following line uparya_091

A movie with director Vishnu Vardhan, the man who directed the trendy new version of ‘Billa’.

He’s signed for a character role next to the ‘Indian answer to Marlon Brando’ – Mohan Lal and

He is going to be the ‘BAD GUY’ of the next Allu Arjun flick.

Three mega projects – three languages – fitting in to three different parts of the script.

He is an ‘In your face’ answer to most of good looking – knowing nothing – ‘just here for the money’ actors.

Yes people, it seems like we’ve found THE Indian actor of this generation. He is without doubt in the race for ‘India’s next big thing’.


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trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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