– 10 things I hate about you..1999

Directed by Gil Junger

written by Karen Lutz and Kristen Smith

rohit SAYS,

10 reasons to watch this movie

– This is not your regular teen movie. It’s an intelligent piece of film making loosely adapted from a Shakespearian play.

Watch it for Heath Ledger. He is without doubt one of the most versatile actors of this generation.

– The parallel run of two stories at the same time, even though not a very original screenplay idea, keeps you engaged every minute.

– The cinematographer had used some kind of a filter to create a very pleasing visual.

– The soundtrack’s got some of the catchiest songs.

– There is a black teacher who kind of raps Shakespeare poems and keeps chucking out students for no apparent reason.

– The second protagonist of the film – Joseph Gordon playing Cameron and the female lead Julia Stiles playing Kat (this is the girl from ‘Bourne Identity’).

– The scene where Heath pays the band and sings a song for Kat on the hl2bleachers of the football ground. (A small note for all Telugus, this scene is blatantly Ctrl C’ed and Ctrl V’ed into the Tarun- Shreya starrer ‘Nuvve Nuvve’).

The rumors spread about Heath’s character in the movie. One such rumor is that he ate a live duck, everything but the beak and the feet.

– And finally you have to watch it coz the movie’s got a mention on ‘DasKino’, just kidding, actually no. We are pretty serious about that statement.

Rating – √√√1/2 – go for it


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trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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