– Billa..2009

Dialogue and direction by Meher Ramesh

rohit SAYS,

Once I was done with the movie I’ve been thinking real hard about writing one of the most hateful reviews. But, then I’ve realized that would be a waste of good health and time; I was ill 10 minutes into the movie anyways.

First up let’s spell out a few basic clarifications; the movie is remake of the ‘Hindi Don’ with the visual of the ‘Tamil Don’ (Ajith’s Billa) and this is without doubt the ‘most awful version of Don’.

Below basic acting capabilities, hardly bearable camera work, music stolen from all over the world and direction capabilities which will make you post a death threat to the director.

How intelligent do you have to be to understand that an action film or any film for that matter needs to carry only one kind of mood or a color tone to be more laymanish?  And you don’t even have to work hard on that, you have Farhan Akthar’s Don at your disposal which even though looks very Indian carries a green gusty look and you have Vishnu Vardhan’s Billa which is unquestionably the closest you can get to a Hollywood ‘Payback’ look with blues and blacks. And what do you do? You take up a similar project with immense style potential and SCREW IT UP.

One of the major causes which make the film look like a B-grade feature is Prabhas. This fellow can’t talk the way the movie requires it, can’t bring out one good enough expression, can’t walk for nuts and they were trying to sell the movie with this loser in place of SRK or Ajith. That ain’t happening in this life time.

If certain directors or actors or technicians are to be forbidden from making cinema in the future, you can find a bunch of such retarded schmucks who worked on this film.

The story is almost similar to Amitabh Bachchan’s Don except for a few unwanted and dim witted changes in the end.

But, there is something attractive about the film. Every time one of the billa_prabhas_51characters speaks in English delivering ‘god knows whether that’s English’ Meher Ramesh lines, overgrown Namitha’s costumes, Krishnam Raju, the hunch walk of Prabhas, the way he couldn’t carry himself in the tuxedos, “can can” and hundreds of other such pieces of the movie can provide a lot of unintended laughter.

I’ve seen the movie in Chennai and there was a drunkard sitting next to me. The dude is a Tamilian and 30 minutes into the film he got up, yelled something offensive at the screen and left. The reason I believe is that he should have seen Ajith’s Billa and couldn’t take this du_g.

But, the movie does help in adding respect to the Farhan and Vishnu versions of Don, a lot of respect.

Rating – 0 – posting a death note to the director doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.


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One Response to – Billa..2009

  1. rhl says:

    Well what else can u expect from a director who screwed “Okkadu” and “Atadu” in Kannada and God knows why he still gets chances after “Kantri”

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