– 8*10 Tasveer..2009

Written and Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor

rohit SAYS,

A small note for all Nagesh fans. This chap is still a hardcore movie fanatic and he is here to make movies and not money. But, the movie industry becoming more of a commerce place and not just good cinema forces even ‘one of a kind’ Nageshes to make films like ‘Bombay to Bangkok’.

But again, Tasveer is not your regular money making movie. But, it isn’t one of those passionate, original, Nagesh movies either. Here is a movie trying to imitate the Night Shyamalan style of film making – dark, slow, revelation and just the main plot. Not a single scene is a diversion from the main storyline and every minute of the film keeps narrating something to you though at a very slow pace.

156y0jkThe basic design is that Jai (Akshay) has a certain mental ability to look at a picture, choose one character of the picture and see what that person had seen during the time of taking the picture. However, if he does the activity for more than one minute there is a possibility of his heartbeat stoppage.

A few minutes into the movie Jai’s dad dies falling of a boat railing. Just before the incident his father and his three partners take a snap. Javed Jaffrey playing Happi is a private detective thrown off the police force and he believes that Jai’s dad was murdered. The characterization of Happi is a major blow to Kukunoor’s originality. It is a straight lift from the American TV show – ‘The Monk’.

The rest of the movie is a boring screenplay of Akshay moving in and out of the photo choosing a different character to enter every time and a pretty interesting end which reveals something about Akshay’s brother – Jeet.

Akshay Kumar in the final few minutes and the opening credits video are the only things to look forward to.

Even if you are hardcore Nagesh fan, you can wait and rent a DVD at the max.

You give a string of 7 amazing movies and you still have to look for a producer who is willing to produce your movies, you kind of loose your mind. That’s what’s been happening with Nagesh for the past two films of his, I guess.

Rating – √ – for a bold attempt by Nagesh & Akshay


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