– Panchathantiram / Panchatantram..2002

Directed by K S RAvikumar

Written by K S and Kamal, Dialogue by crazy Mohan

rohit SAYS,

After 2001, with two big, passionate, high end and huge commercial flops (Alavandhan/Abhay and Hey Ram) Kamal had decided to make money again with two of the most humorous movies of all time – Panchathantiram and Pammal K Sambhandham (Brahmachari).


It is truly amazing how Kamal pulls of these huge commercial hits out of nowhere every time one of his ‘not yet for India’ movies fail at the box office. The silent hero of all these comic blockbusters however is the dialogue writer – crazy Mohan. Humor and the iconic stars of South India are just synonyms and with Kamal even humor has a wide range.

Panchathantiram is scripted by Kamal and the dialogue again is given by crazy Mohan. Mohan had been the backbone of around 10 immensely successful movies at the box office and on most occasions it is a Kamal flick. The story of P’thantram is a womanizing pilot’s life, his 4 friends, his wife and some diamonds.

The movie opens to Ram CM’s (Kamal) career and lifestyle in Canada and gradually moves to India after a few affairs and a funny hijack wherein he meets Mythili (Simran) whom he marries later. However, with all of Kamal’s previous girls making occasional appearances and because of his friend’s affairs he often gets into a misunderstandable scene and his wife keeps ditching him.

Four of Ram’s friends each from one state of South India plan to host a memorable birthday party for him so that he can get over Mythili. Here enters the goddess – Maggi played by Ramya Krishna. Maggi is somebody with whom Ram’s friends used to have long lasting affairs with in the past.

A father-in- law of one of Ram’s friends, a diamond robber and a murder mystery slowly creep into the film. Maggi’s murder however is again a ‘Kamal-crazy Mohan’ stroke which just bamboozles the film’s story, of course with a ton of jokes. With Kamal, Simran and Ramya Krishna at their vlcsnap-50234glamorous best and K.S.Ravikumar handling direction, this flick will hold your interest from ‘FRAME 1’.

The only thing which could have been avoided to save the quality of the film is one small dance episode towards the end.

Here’s a movie where too much laughter for one joke might cost you an other joke. So, control your laughter a bit and I bet you’ll have one hell of a time watching this film.

Rating – √√√√ – Kamal + crazy M = Awesome


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