– Kiss Kiss Bang Bang..2005

Directed and written for the screen by Shane Black

rohit SAYS,

For all the new Robert Downey J’s fans after ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Tropic Thunder’, in case you are on the hunt for any of his previous cool flicks, this post can help you with that.

Director Shane Black is the screenwirter of the late 80’s classic crime series ‘Lethal Weapon’ and he does an equally wonderful job with his  directorial debut.

‘KKBB’ has a very clever touch to its narrative, this is supposed to be a regular cool action flick with the ocassional gun shots, super cool one liners from the protagonist, entertaining and cinematic action episodes and pretty women. But, Shane has decided to deviate only a little from all the usual cliches of American action films. Yes, the film does have a lot of semi nude good looking women, it does have cinematic chases loaded with expensive LA cars and guns and without doubt a uber cool protagonist.

But, what makes this film stand out is everything that goes through the film misses your intial expectations just by a bit. After a hard day’s run after a murderer if you think the leads are gonna end up in bed, they do; but they break up on the bed over some school issue of the past.

Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey) is small time thief of the west coast who moves to Los Angeles after a rather funny but emotional audition for a new action movie. Harry always wanted to be a magician since his school days and this comes in handy through out the entire run of his in LA.

Harry runs into his high school sweet heart Harmony (Michelle kiss-kiss-bang-bang-4Monaghan) at a party and discovers that she had turned into one of those struggling actresses of the Hollywood scene. However a small fairy tale Harmony told her sister about their unknown father being one of Hollywood’s A-grade actors of the 70’s is what brings the detectives and the mafia into play.

Val Kilmer (playing Perry Van) plays a gay detective whom Harmony’s sister had hired to solve a certain ‘daddy case’. After the murder of Harmony’s sister Harmony, Harry and Perry get caught up in the middle of quite a few kills.

This is exactly the kind of flick a guy like Robert Downey fits and a something about which you don’t want to say “How the hell did I miss this?”

Rating – √√√√ – Downey rocks


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