– Kick..2009

Screenplay and Direction by Surinder Reddy

rohit SAYS,

The stock markets have recovered from the recent credit crunch and are doing pretty well now. However, there is one place of commerce which is coming down to one hell of a debris and that people is the Telugu film industry.

And the latest Ravi Teja film had made a very valuable contribution to this situation and holds the string of ‘absolutely no quality’ cinema in Telugu in a very tight hold.  The stories, the screenplays, sets, costumes, music, acting capabilities, the visuals of the films and almost every department of film making is soon gonna hit rock bottom. But, mind you the budgets and the returns for these ‘sorry pieces of art’ are still going at a pretty good rate.

A simple description for ‘Kick’ would be ‘vulgar non-sense’. But, my friends have been trying real hard to enlighten me that this is one of the recent bests compared to other masterpieces of the past few months such as ‘Billa’ and ‘Mithrudu’.

Get ready to read about the wonderful plot of Kick. Kalyan (Ravi Teja) is a strange character who enjoys his jobs and situations with a bit of uncertainty or variety or in the movies words “with a bit of kick”. So he tries to manipulate his life into situations filled with variety. One of the examples is that he keeps quitting high profile jobs when he’s doing great for the company saying that a lot of success doesn’t give him the proper kick.

So on and on goes the movie with scenes of utter stupidity and boredom. The female lead (Ileyana playing Naina) meets Kalyan under 33boring circumstances and they fall in love under lamer circumstances. Towards the end of the first half the movie reveals that Kalyan is actually a thief with the ‘Dhoom John’ touch.

Then we have Kalyan Krishna played by the debutant Shyam who is the Abhiskek of this version – the cop trying to catch cool thief. And again the movie makes another ‘I have seen that a zillion times for _ck_s sake’ revelation about why the thief is a thief.

Except for a few scenes of Ali in the second half there is hardly anything worth watching in this film and please do do do avoid such movies in the vacant hope of Telugu movies bettering in the near future. And a small note for the makers – Orphans and orphanages are not the only places of despair where the ‘super hero’ protagonists can make a change.

Rating – √ – you can make out that the movie sucks from the trailer


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