– Magadheera..2009

Screenplay and Direction by S S Rajamouli

Cinematography by Senthil Kumar

rohit SAYS,

The blog’s been shut down for a while and if i were to get back at my readers (though the number’s pretty ordinary), i wanted to give them somehing special. So, i’ve decided to reconvene Daskino with what will probably be the biggest Telugu movie of this year…in terms of commerce.

Though S.S.Rajamouli is branded as a typical commercial or masala director, the only thing I enjoy about this maker is the little diversity of scripts he handles (or at least tries) and of course the man’s passion for the visual of the film.

Talking of Magadheera, the movie’s premise is a 400 year old rivalry and its finale in today’s world. Once again the movie’s got a very typical Rajamouli screenplay. A first half which purely works as hype material for the second installment and the usual ‘BANG’ scenes just before the interval and here and there in the second half.

The movie opens with very interesting credits and the first scene surely promises a lot which the rest of the film fails to deliver. The first scene on screen is where the Ramcharan (Kalabhairava) and Kajal (Mitravinda) of the ‘Udayghad kingdom’ die after what seems like the end of an intense battle for love.

Soon after which Harsha (Today’s Ramcharan) hits the screen with a fast bike, a rather brainless scene, the mass number with Mumaith Khan and a cameo from Daddy. After which the whole of the first half is uninterestingly made about how Harsha discovers who he was in his previous life while trying to make out why he’s so attracted to Indu (today’s Kajal). Rest is just boring songs, dull humor and a few scenes where money spent is certainly seen on screen which if spent on a better script writer would have helped for sure.

The sad thing about the feature is that the usual super exciting ‘just before the interval’ scene of the SSR movies didnt meet one’s expectations because of the excess reliance on the C.G.I’s (computer generated images) even though the scene was very well written.magadheera-10

However, one cant deny the grand horse chases and the ‘one versus hundred’ fight of the film’s flashback. And again these scenes suffer because of bad editing.

All in all with mediocre performances from the leads and with the ton of money invested in the film, Magadheera doesn’t catch up with the hype it had built around itself.

A one time watch at the most.

Rating – √√ – fails to deliver


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2 Responses to – Magadheera..2009

  1. anoora says:

    I want to start by saying, “this is the dumbest movie” of SS Rajamouli’s seven films. The only things that this movie has is Graphics and 2 or 3 catchy songs. I am sure that no one will like this movie if they have seen big budget Hollywood films (troy, gladiator,300).But i do differ with many critics that it doesn’t catch up with the hype as many of the audience fell like this was their movie of a lifetime.The most abominable thing is a 51 crore collection in 21 days(people have gone crazzzzy). I think tht this is a movie for a bunch of nerds.I despise this movie and those who even liked a bit in this movie. A silly plot,decrepit story, shabby editing, stupid stunts and a chutiya cameo by chiranjeevi. i dont know what is there to like in this movie. God bless all the chutiyas who liked this movie.

  2. Rajesh says:

    Raju should have thaken the script seriously and should have handeled well. There i no need of pangaru kodi petta in this movie, only thing i like in this movie is deera song

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